Some Lesser Known Facts About Wedding Cakes

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A wedding cake is also an integral part of a marriage ceremony as dress of the bride and this auspicious occasion does not seem to be complete without at least one. Newlywed couples often select a dessert for this event through mutual agreement. A professionally customized cake of this kind is usually covered with eye-catching frosting that looks especially elegant. You may be fascinated to know that an average couple spends a huge amount of its budget on cakes, but it’s entirely true. Are you interested in knowing more about cakes for weddings? If yes, then go through this article very carefully as you can find many lesser-known facts about them here.

Shape Of A Bread:

The shape of the earliest wedding cake, which was invented sometime during the Roman period, was very to bread made of wheat or barley. It was usually broken over the head of the bride to mark the end of her being unmarried, besides wishing her a happy and pleasant married life in the company of her male partner. After the newlywed bride has consumed a few pieces of the cakes, the guests would gather around the dessert to have at least one bite of it for which they have been waiting for a good number of hours. Although there is no clear cut theory that point when and where wedding cake made its debut, the practice of winning everyone’s with its marvelous look and mouth-watering aroma has been gaining an increasing popularity since the Roman times. These were made with the best quality ingredients from the very beginning for a superior taste that appeals to the entire humanity. Do you want to get closer to the apple of your eyes in style? If yes, then order cakes online that they surely like and appreciate.

Three Tied Cakes:

The ancient wedding cakes usually used to be three tired. The bottom-most layer was served to the attendees of the ceremony, the middle one was served later on while the topmost tier was exclusively preserved for the newly- married couple for first child christening. During the earlier days, the birth of the first child within the few months of wedding was very common and there was nothing wrong with it. Nowadays, desserts for weddings can consist of 3-7 layers based on the preference as well as the budget of the concerned doublet. If they are thinking about serving the cake during dinner at a small marriage function, then a three-layer one would work for them. However, if you are planning to organize a grand celebration with 200+ guests, then they may have to go for at least five tiers of goodness.

White  Icing Symbolizes Purity:

While in today’s date, colorful wedding cakes eye-catching icings are readily available in the market, most of them come with white icing as it symbolizes purity. However, with the inflation in the prices of sugar, it is often linked with a high taste as well as social status. The time when England’s Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, the icing with which their cake was shaved was popularly known as royal icing made with egg whites, sugar and lemon juice. Book your order with a reputed online portal that can arrange for online flower delivery on the same day.

Kiss Over Cakes For Long Married Relationship:

During the middle ages kiss over cakes have taken the position of the traditional three-tiered cake because of being priced very reasonably despite the availability of a wide range of colors, designs as well as patterns. It is the right choice for all those couples who can carefully kiss the cake without damaging it in any way for a happy married life. It is often filled with heavenly taste and delicacy at each level.

From the discussion mentioned above, it has become very clear that the origin of wedding cakes date back to ancient times and were made of various kinds of material. In case you are interested in knowing more facts about them, then please browse through the internet.


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