Purchasing a Residential Property is near Question Mark area

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There are several kinds of areas in which the houses are located. Some are populated like cities and other rural areas but there are places that are unbearable to live.

What are you mean by question Mark areas?

The question mark areas are those locations where there are building that is not normal. They can never be called normal neither in the commercial nor in the residential sense. People are not willing to buy them even if they are under stop renting and start buying schemes.

The Disadvantages of these areas

Every area has its own advantages and disadvantages but the question marks have disadvantages more than benefits. The question mark areas have the following disadvantages;

Diminish the value of the house

The houses located near or adjacent to these areas have very low resale value because there are several issues related to these locations.

No one is willing to buy

These locations have several issues including zoning and legal ones and st leonards property. So the selling rate of the residential properties is extremely low and people are not willing to buy them.

Too noisy surrounding

Locations where there are airports, railway stations and construction work going on; it tends to be a lot of noise which can disrupt the peaceful neighborhood.

Contamination and Pollution

Industries in the areas are prone to dump the wastes into rivers and streams. This makes the surrounding areas contaminated and the water polluted.

People don’t feel safe

Many of the districts in the city are unsafe to live in because there is a very high rate of crime in these regions. People don’t feel safe and avoid coming out of their homes; but only when it is necessary.

Benefits you can get
But when people are desperate to buy a house; they bypass the disadvantages and focus on the benefits. It doesn’t matter if they are only two.

The Price is lower

The buyers have an advantage that the prices are lower than usual and the buyers can easily buy it without any complications.

No-fuss of development

These question mark areas have various legal issues underlying that make the development in the areas difficult. So there is no fuss of development in the location.

Does stop renting and start buying houses are affected?

It doesn’t matter what housing scheme you are going to apply for to buy a house in these locations; not even this scheme. If you need some assistance in this matter then professionals like Stop Renting Perth will definitely help.

Types of Question mark Locations

There are several kinds of areas that have a question mark on them; meaning that they are dangerous to live in. Or they have many legal issues that are associated with it. These are some examples of question mark areas.

Graveyards and Cemeteries

The graveyards and cemeteries are places where people are buried and there is no noise for people who live near these locations. But people have reported paranormal activities and feel afraid.

Important Roads and High Traffic Areas

The people living in houses near the busy streets, roads and traffic areas experience a lot of noise coming because of the ongoing traffic. So people usually don’t prefer to live in houses near busy streets and roads.

Airports and Railway Station

The busiest, most crowded and noisiest places are the airports, railway stations and the bus stands. The people who are living in these areas have to bear all this and when there are peak hours; the intensity increases.

High Voltage Power cables

The most dangerous of all areas and a question mark is where there are high voltage wires. People are in constant exposure to the dangerous high voltage. The houses in those areas are in a nonstop threat.

Bush Fire Areas

Australia is a country that has been under regular attacks of bush fires for the past year. The individuals who have houses in the locations closest to the source are under threat of these fires.

Gutters and sewers

Although the gutter and sewers are all covered but still there can be some areas in which the gutters are open and they omit really bad and uncomfortable smell that is annoying for the people living there.

Construction Areas

The construction areas can be considered one of the noisiest places to live apart from airports, railway stations, and bus stations. The noises can be for a short time or longer depending on the time it is taken for a building to construct. But it doesn’t matter the time duration; it is extremely irritating.

Gang Related Areas

The areas in which there are gang wars are in there extreme the houses whether they stop renting and start buying schemes or any other; the rate is very low. The reason is that people avoid buying homes in these locations.


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