Projects in Keshav Nagar

For many years now, Pune city has had a prevalent repute for luring thousands of students. The location adjoining with supreme education has definitely won them extra points. Factors like finding appropriate jobs post their education in the same city appeals to people.

Immigrants are usually on the lookout for befitting accommodations. Some more upcoming schemes of flats in Keshav Nagar are prospective options. Projects in Keshav Nagar are an ideal escape from the gruesome mediocrity found in most flat schemes. 

Flats in Keshav Nagar provide an esplanade like experience hence, parting from the usual commotion. Further, being a focal point of multiple educational institutions makes this area an attractive find. Some leading companies have set up their centers in this area, enticing overall magnetism. 


Independence activists like Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Savitri Bai Phule massively glorified the importance of education in Pune and laid a foundation for it. Bal Gangadhar Tilak founded the New English School. Savitri Bai Phule pioneered the need for women’s education. 

Then, Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru addressed Pune as the “Oxford and Cambridge of India.” Being home to 30 constituent and affiliated colleges, Pune has carved a niche for itself. Since then, the city has seen an upwelling in the educational and information technology sectors. 


The city is sprawling with schools and colleges. Although, there are a few prominent names that have been team players since antiquity. They are:

1)  University of Pune: Originated in the year 1948, Pune University has received several accolades. The aura of the place coupled with excelling faculty members is an added advantage. The university comprises 46 departments and 70 research institutions. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council have called out Pune University for having an ideal penchant for education. 

2) College of engineering: Established in 1884, the college ranks being the third oldest engineering college in Asia. At the onset of things, they operated in affiliation with the University of Bombay. And later became affiliated with the University of Pune. They revere the undergraduate degree and diploma courses here. 

3) Deccan Education Society: Set up in 1884 their initial role encompassed a smooth functioning for the other universities based in Pune. As of date, there are 43 DES operating within the borders of Maharashtra. Which include Fergusson College, Mumbai BMCC, Sangli Kirti college, and Pune Willingdon College. 

4) Fergusson College: Built-in 1885, they coveted a privately owned label, making it a first in India. Their departments specialize in higher education, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees. Their epicenter is the field of Arts and Science. The plethora of options available amongst subjects discerns their venerated name. 

5) Symbiosis International University: Founded in the year 1971, it perceives  Symbiosis in high regard to education. They offer multitudinous courses across different domains. By sheltering 71 programs in fields like management, sciences, media & communication, design, law, and so on. 

6) Armed Forces Medical College: Regulated by the armed forces, AMFC, is a prestigious medical school. It advances undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Typically relating to nursing, dentistry, and paramedical studies. They also give research paramount importance. The enrollment of 25 females every year is a definitive policy.

7) National defense academy: Structured by the Indian army, navy, and airforce. They are typically famous for their defense training practices.

8) ILS college: Set up in 1924, the college is ranked number seven in India. They are profoundly infamous for their law courses.


Pune has embarked on a rich educational legacy for years now. The rationale behind this attraction also has to do with Pune being ideally located. It is affordable and still abates quality location. By enabling students to pursue their dreams, the city has dwindled the need to profligate.

It also allows youngsters exposure to a groovy culture, making their college lives memorable. By embracing different cultures, people come in contact with various ethnicities. It is also remarkably safe and popular for its shallow crime rates. 

Which instills a positive willingness among parents. Possession of shopping malls, museums, and other local markets further fortifies the city’s mojo. 


In conclusion, Pune has only seen a spike in the number of people who move here to pursue their dreams. It has made this goal attainable. By setting a constructive tone, the city woos nearly 5.5 million students every year. 

The city is not all-consuming and manifests pleasant weather throughout the year. Being surrounded by remote hill stations also gives them an edge. And allows people to recuperate from time to time.


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