Popular Marijuana Strains in Canada

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Since marijuana was legalized in Canada, cannabis users have been able to try out homegrown strains and imported brands and pick out their favorites based on taste, flavor, and availability. The different strains of marijuana contain varying amounts of THC and CBD that may affect individuals based on their mental and physical abilities. Besides giving a feeling of euphoria and peace, these cannabis strains are used for the treatment of pain, mental stress, and epilepsy.

To buy weed in Toronto and find your next favorite strain, you should understand the difference between THC and CBD and how both of those compounds affect the brain and body. Almost all strains have a mix of sativa and indica strains, and they are called hybrids. They both relax the body and stimulate the brain. Here are some of the weed strains popular in Canada.

God Bud

This strain was produced on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and won Cannabis Cup in 2004 for the best indica stain. It is now grown by BC Bud Depot under the brand name of BC God Bud and has found fans beyond Canada due to its sweet, musky aroma. It works fast due to the presence of 14-22 percent THC and makes users feel relaxed and euphoric. Plus, it is used by people with insomnia to help them with the symptoms of depression and stress.


Named after an alien race from Star Trek, this indica plant has a high THC content of 20-24 percent. It is a great muscle relaxant that also relaxes cerebral tensions. Often, people who have chronic pain use it, but it is also popular with recreational users. It should ideally be used while staying indoors due to its ability to relax body and mind immediately. However, it should not be used by people susceptible to anxiety and paranoia.

Island Sweet Skunk

Sweet Island Skunk has a spicy and fruity flavor and provides users with a feeling of euphoria with a quiet buzz. This strain is a hybrid of 80 percent sativa and 20 percent indica that contains around 15 -18 percent THC. This brain stimulator causes euphoria and encourages creativity. It is frequently used by those suffering from depression as it reduces feelings of anxiety and stress.

Blue Dynamite

This Canadian marijuana strain was listed among the Top 10 Strains of 2007 and in the Top Canadian Strains of All Time. Next Generation Seed Company created this indica strain by crossing the strains Avalon and Dynamite. This strain has a sweet fruity flavor, and its relaxing effects work around 15-20 minutes after it is initially consumed. This strain gives a mellow, soothing feeling and is also an excellent relaxant for people with sleep issues.

Besides these four popular strains, there are several others like Jean Guy, Lowryder, Manitoba Poison, and AK-47. Explore the different effects of different strains and find your new favorite. 


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