Pemf Therapy: Dos and Don’ts

PEMF mat

For those who don’t have any idea, PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. This delivers a pulsed field that surrounds the whole body in a positive, healing state of energy. On a technical level, it “recharges” the body at a cellular level by its magnetically induced energy, stimulating the cells.


1. Stay hydrated before and after the session. Make sure to drink at least a glass of water before the session starts. Also, repeat after the session.

2. Talk to the doctor before getting the therapy. They know the best about any medical contraindications you might have that could be troublesome in conjunction with the treatment. It is best you do not take any self-medication to alleviate any acute condition so you can get the therapy. Rather, talk to your doctor in detail about any concern you have.

3. Monitor your lifestyle and dietary behavior. Report this behavior to the experts and your healthcare team before making the final decision to go for the therapy.

4. Consider the budget before the session and choose your available options. Any inconvenience in a financial way might hinder the whole treatment cycle that continues for a set time.

5. Check your schedule for the whole treatment plan. Check if you have to travel out of the country or the city from where you are going to get your treatment. Once you are sure you are going to stay in the concerned location for treatment and there is no change in routine that would hinder your treatment regime, you can go ahead with the whole treatment.

6. Understand the simple technicalities of the machine and the treatment plan. Ask questions from the experts and work on knowing more about the machine. Know the buttons, know how to use the PEMF mat and where to place it, and other related technical know-how.


1. If you are on insulin pumps, pacemakers, or any electrical implants, this therapy is not for you. The electrical impulse might intervene and dysregulate the electrical implants. These might cause any complication, which could even be fatal.

2. Pregnant women shouldn’t go for this therapy. The baby is quite sensitive to the outside environment. So, doctors want mothers to protect the baby from any physiological or physical stress. The electrical impulse is potentially damaging for the mother and the baby undergoing the delicate stage.

3. Don’t wear any jewelry or any wearable before getting the PEMF session. This is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the delicate magnet and electric field that would be used to stimulate your body cells.

4. If you have any history of seizure or you are an epileptic patient, it is advised you not to go for the therapy. The electrical stimulation might not be in sync with your neural pathways. This can cause the recurrence of the seizures.

5. If you are on any medication for an organ transplant, you should not go for this therapy. It is important you avoid it as your body might become intolerant of it.

6. It is strictly advised not to place the PEMF mats on sensitive areas of your body. Also, if you had breast implants, a heart condition, or any implanted metal in the body, then don’t put the PEMF mat over the area.

Final Word

These were some of the dos and don’ts for the PEMF therapy. On a lighter note, the therapy serves to be of good therapeutic importance for everyone. If you are healthy individual and are eligible for the therapy, there are great chances that you would get positive effects from the therapy.

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