Online Survey Problems and Their Solution

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Online survey is one of the most cost effective method, as compare to traditional method is provides greater deal of help but it doesn’t make the online survey error free there are still many problems with online survey some of them can also be a part of traditional method but most of these problems occur because of it being online, but once you identify those problems you can easily overcome them.

Greater Chance of confusion

Sometimes one simple line or world can be perceived in different ways, it may occur that what actually your question means is not understood by the respondents and they may perceive it in a way that is confusing for your research. The difference between your actual question and the perceived question will give you the answers that are worthless for your research. But if you want the easiest survey in the market without any confusion. I will suggest one of my favourite Shoprite Survey from myshopriteexperience due to its easy to process steps.

Fake answers

People tend to give more fake answers or just hit the buttons in case of online surveys because they feel themselves less accountable. If the questionnaire is too long or is a bit technical there are higher chances that people are giving fake answers.

Limited internet access

No matter what sources you try there will always be a certain percentage of the population with limited internet access. For example if your research is about severely low income people there is a high chance most of them don’t have internet access hence collection of data will be near to impossible in such scenarios.

Identification & Payments

All the questionnaires are designed for certain people, a specific section of the population and only their answers will make your research valid but in case of online surveys you can never be 100% sure if the form is filled by the same person for whom it was designed. For example if the questionnaire is for the CEO of a corporation due to his busy schedule there is a high chance he can pass it down to his assistant to fill out the form.

Most of the people also face problems in receiving payment. Some companies like Chase offer getchaseslate credit cards that are suitable for all kinds of survey websites.

Clarification of the answers

Most of the time online survey questions are close ended and this does not provide respondent the opportunity to clarify his/her answers. For example if you ask the respondent why they do not like a certain product and give them only four or five options to choose from, note that there can be a number of reasons for a customer to dislike a product and maybe their reason of dislike is not in your questionnaire.

Wrong demographic information

This is one of the most common trends on the internet to put up a wrong demographic information to be in disguise. If your questionnaire is specifically about a certain demographic background and your designed software automatically mails to everyone with that demographic background then most likely your data will be inaccurate.


Almost all of the problems regarding online surveys can be reduced with some extra attention to details. You just have to be more and more vigilant in choosing the software, before mailing, do your homework and make sure your mails get to the right person. Be connected with your respondents via mails to clarify their confusions. If you want an elaborated answer make sure your questionnaire is open ended. By working these few things you can take full advantage of online surveys.

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