Now Corona’s Dreams Start Haunting People, See Ways to Avoid Fear

corona virus

Are you having corona virus dreams? If so, you are not alone. People who are sharing their dreams on Twitter on the hashtag PanDemicDreams are surprised or feeling extremely scared. Sasara Skachner, a user on Twitter, wrote, “I dreamed that I called an Uber car, but an autopsy came in its place.” These pandemic dreams are not looking good. Such dreams are common: according to experts these cryptic reactions are common. Our brain can show nightmares to understand the stressful information we take during the day. Or we can dream of previous chapters in life that were less stressful. “This epidemic is a phenomenon that no one has experienced before,” said Doctor Mayer Krieger, a sleep medicine specialist at the Yale School of Medicine.And it is possible that their brain is trying to find a time when things were not like that. This is when sometimes people fall asleep and they are unable to close their minds.

The science behind dreams: 

Psychology professor at Northumbria University Jason Ellis said, researchers do not yet know why dreams come. But, there are some theories about this. It has an evolutionary theory that states that we use dreams to try different scenarios in a safe environment, which can be challenging or dangerous in real life. The stress of an epidemic with his family, work and mental troubles leads to such troubling dreams as dreams can not only help him cope with situations but also reflect reality. Such dreams strengthen the ability of the mind to cope with the situation. Developing unusual habits is also the reason The dreams of the epidemic and its story are unusual. Even more unusual is that we remember these dreams, while most of the dreams we forget as soon as we wake up. According to Ellis, consuming more alcohol during lockdown makes the memory more active and hence remembering dreams.

At the same time, people are preferring to watch exciting and entertaining shows on TV while staying in their homes and also watch the news from time to time. pay attention- Watching TV or phone before bed causes poor sleep quality Do not consume too much alcohol while at home Dreams help in facing the situation Stay positive in such an environment of fear- Positive feelings Do not spend much time on social media and news and listen to the news only once a day for the information of current affairs. Help your home and family and keep them excited. Be busy Set a routine to stay busy throughout the day during lockdown. Being busy with tasks produces positive hormones in the body which help to overcome fear and discomfort. Engage yourself in workouts, music, indoor games.

Improve relationships People are often unable to pay attention to relationships due to runaway race. Keep good relations with your family and your neighbors during this time. Stay away physically, but maintain an emotional relationship with people. Stay in touch with people through social media. have a good sleep It is difficult to remain positive in such difficult circumstances. But, by improving the quality of sleep, not only will the health be good, but many people will also be able to avoid many serious problems.Do not watch TV or phone two to three hours before bedtime. Do not watch the news before bed. Not getting good sleep increases the risk of depression developing.


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