No A/C? Alternative Ways to Keep Your Home Cool For This Summer


Did your AC unit go out? Are you in need of home air conditioning services? Don’t let that stop you from cooling down this summer. Here are some tips to help you stay cool when the sun comes out and warms up your home. With just a some changes to your habits, you’ll no longer sweat on the sofa while peeling your clothing away from your body (and dreaming of winter!). 

1. Buy a Dehumidifier

It’s often said, but there are different types of heat. When the heat is dry, the body sweats and this is human evolution helping us to cool down. However, humid heat leaves people sweating without the following evaporation. Therefore, you struggle to stop sweating and you start to feel sticky (and frustrated!). 

If this is a common problem, you should use breathable sheets on your bedding, wear loose cotton, and invest in a dehumidifier. With this last option, the tool will rid the air of excess moisture and you should feel cool once again. 

2. Close the Blinds

During the day, where is the heat? Outside. Therefore, closing the blinds will keep the searing sun from coming through the window and warming up the room. For those with blackout curtains, keep them closed because they should reflect the heat rather than allowing it inside. 

3. Open Windows at Night

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you should open the at night and then keep them closed during the day. Why? Because this allows the cool air in overnight and then stops the stifling air from coming in during the day. By the time you wake up, you should be in a cool house ready to close the windows and blinds. 

4. Focus on Your Body

In an attempt to cool down, most people think about their room and environment rather than their body. Regardless of the heat around you, it’s possible to cool down by drinking cold beverages, using a cold cloth on the wrists and neck, and wearing the right clothing. If you get hot in the middle of the night, put a small bowl of cold water on the floor so that you can swing your legs around and dip them in whenever required. 

5. Plan Meals Carefully

When it’s hot indoors, the last thing you need is the oven on for most of the afternoon. Your kitchen will become unbearable, and the heat will also spread to other parts of the house. Therefore, it’s best to look at the weather reports and plan your meals in advance. Use a microwave, a crockpot, or the grill rather than using the oven. Of course, you could also have cold salads and quiches because the food will cool you down and you won’t need to touch the oven. 

6. Set Your Ceiling Fan Correctly

But wait, surely there’s only one way to set a ceiling fan? Well, this is where you’re wrong. While the anti-clockwise direction normally forces air downwards to make you cooler (best for summer months), the clockwise direction blows the air all around the room (best for cooler months). If you want to cool down, turn your ceiling fan anti-clockwise and you should notice the difference. 

Bonus Tips

Here are some more suggestions to keep your home cool even without air conditioning this summer: 

● Use a fan and place a tub of ice in front of it 

● Use cotton and other materials that breath on the bed (not materials designed to insulate) 

● Close the doors of unused rooms 

● Use vents to send hot air back outside 

● Plant trees and bushes for shady spots in the garden 


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