Moving Over Summer: What Things You Need to Keep in Mind?

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Summer is the busiest season for moving companies in Brisbane. Families take advantage of their kid’s summer break to relocate, college students move in and out of the dorms before the new semester starts, and many suggest a sunny day with no chance of rain is the preferred weather for moving.

If you’re scheduled to move over summer, you can hire the service of one of the leading movies companies in Brisbane. Visit the link to know more about the services.  Alongside, we recommend you to have an overview of things to keep in mind to ensure that the move takes place smoothly with no hiccups.

Be Ready to Pay More
As we know, summertime is the peak season for relocations, therefore, packing supplies, relocation company services, and other moving essentials are in tremendous demand. Henceforth, relocation during this time of the year would mean paying extra for all these.

We encourage you to start your moving arrangements well in advance, so you have more time to shop around and do negotiation to save a few extra dollars.

Start the Move Early In the Day

You can beat the sweltering heat by starting with your move early in the morning, as this is when the heat and humidity levels are their lowest and manageable. Besides, beating the heat, you’ll be able to evade the chaotic city traffic, if you commence early—aim to load stuff around 7:00 Am or even earlier.

If starting early in the day isn’t practical for you, then go for evening time when the temperatures cold down.

Wear Light-Fabrics, Comfortable Clothing

Moving day isn’t about looking stylish, but being comfortable. Wear light, breathable clothing  — such as cotton — in which you feel relaxed all day long. Even the corporate guys should ditch their favourite heavy-fabric suit, and ladies avoid high heels. Be in your most comfortable shoes, as you possibly will be walking back and forth between the rooms a lot.

Don’t skip applying the sunscreen of SPF value 30 or higher, at least 30 minutes before heading out in the sun. Ensure the sunscreen is waterproof, as you’ll be sweating throughout the day.

Do Carry Water Bottles to Stay Hydrated
When moving on a moist summer day, the best thing is to ensure everyone is hydrated. This is necessary when you run up and down the stairs, and your AC is turned off as the doors are constantly open. You’ll be sweating a lot, and to maintain the fluid levels in the body, keep on sippin mineral or lemon water. Don’t ignore the kids, too, give them a handy water bottle.

Take Care of Your Pets and Kids

With a house full of boxes, moving equipment, and movers running here and there, your kids and pets can get frustrated, and may disturb you. So, ensure that you find a shade for them to stay out of the heat.

If feasible, arrange for your kids to stay with a relative or close friend for an entire afternoon on your moving day. You can send your pet to a daycare centre.

Take Special Care For Your Belongings That May Get Damaged by Heat

The artistic candles you’ve reserved for all those special romantic evenings are often the top fatality in a hot moving truck. What’s worse, they may melt into other stuff and cause damage. Also, take care of vinyl records and CDs.

Various home appliances and equipment are advised to be kept away from the direct sunlight.

Remember, summer is still the best time for relocation, so be calm & confident, and follow these tips to ensure that the moving day is hassle-free.


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