Modern Ways To Style Up Your Choker

choker necklace

An excellent accessory, which is often neglected is a choker. Wearing the right choker with your outfit is a great way of accentuating your look and drawing attention to your face. Since times immemorial, a choker has been considered a popular choice of accessory. Chokers are now again in fashion and women are pairing chokers with outfits in various ways and styles. It has largely been the go-to accessory among young girls these days. No matter what is your style is, you can always pair a choker to suit your style.

Having so many varieties of chokers available these days, the entire approach to wearing chokers has become wider.

If you do not know how to style a modern choker, go through the various ways mentioned below that would help you get an idea.

Boho Babe

You can pair a choker with a flowery dress and a pair of boots. It would give the perfect boho look that’s extremely classy and unique. It makes you look messy yet stylish. Prefer wearing a choker of black or silver to pull off the look in the best way. So are you ready to channel your hidden bohemian look?

Fusion Fever

Fusion is another rising trend among fashion freaks. With so many festivals around us, the fusion look has become increasingly popular. The best about chokers is that they can even be paired with traditional wear! You can wear your favourite saree or Kurta and pair it with a minimalistic choker necklace. You can also pair them with western outfits. Be ready to get compliments from everywhere!

Geek Girl

Geekiness is trendy. Add a bit of fun to your geeky look by wearing a choker along with those big glasses. The perfect mixture of the geeky and grunge look is incomparable. So what are you waiting for! Grab your favourite choker, glasses, and geeky outfit, and get ready to be everyone’s center of attention!

Street Chic

If you doesn’t like to dress up much, no worry. You can wear classy jeans and a shirt and pair the outfit with a broad choker. If you blindly follow the street style fashion, the choker is what you need. It makes you look smart and renders a sense of attitude in your appearance.

Bridal Bliss

Bridal chokers are also becoming increasingly popular. Bridal chokers are extremely gorgeous. They add elegance and beauty to a bride instantly. In short, bridal chokers complete the look of a bride. When it comes to jewellery design, there are a variety of Indian traditional chokers found. Kundan, pearl, jadau, and polki chokers are most commonly preferred.

Indie Vibes

Are you are a fan of funk jewellery? Do you like heavy ornaments and accessories? If this is the case, a stunning silver choker can help you pull off the look you want! The silver chokers are filled with intricate designs and details. These chokers go well with both traditional and western wear.

You can pair minimalistic chokers with simple earrings and bracelets. Chokers are extremely adaptable. You can pair them with a high neck, deep cut, or halter neck dresses invariably. So what are you waiting for? Get some of the best choker designs and pair them with your favourite outfits!


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