Measuring Your Feet for Good Shoe Fit

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It would help if you got your feet measured one or two times every year at a shore store. It would be best if you didn’t rely on a measurement that was taken 10 years ago.
As you continue getting older, other soft tissues and ligaments in your feet tend to stretch out and relax. This will result in your feet changing shape and size. Studies suggest that a huge proportion of the population wear footwear that’s incorrectly sized, which is associated with foot disorders and foot pain. Ensure you have measured the width, length, and arch length of your feet.

Use the following tips:

Measure your feet first, then shop around for shoes later on in the day. Most people develop some form of swelling on their feet by the time the day ends. If you wait and go for shoe shopping later on in the end, there’s a high probability that you will avoid getting tight shoes.

Stand up when measuring:Make sure to measure your feet while standing up. Your feet will spread out when you stand. It’s recommended that you have somebody else do the measuring since you will have to be standing tall while looking straight ahead with all your weight centered over your feet. How you stand can affect the shape and size of your feet.
Measure the arch length
The arch length is an integral component of the fitting. The measurement from your heel to where the toe joint bends is what constitutes as the arch length. The bend joint in your big toe should be matching with where the shoe bends. Once you have worn both shoes, rise onto your toes. If you feel the shoe bending after or before the joint of the big toe, then your arch length is not a good fit for the shoe.
Size really doesn’t matter
Don’t get too caught up over the shoe size number. There’s a huge difference in the shoe sizes of shoe companies due to the lasts used. Lasts are form which shoes are molded around. Every company uses their lasts, which means that a New Balance size 8 won’t fit in the same way as a Nike size 8 or size 9 Manolo Blahnik won’t be fitting the same as a Jimmy Choo size 9.
Fit the shoe on the larger foot
There are no two feet that are the same. One foot is often slightly bigger than the other. Purchase the shoe size that’s a perfect fit for the bigger foot. Some various inserts and pads can take up valuable room inside the shoe if it’s too large, take a look at the You can’t add extra space to a small shoe. Fitting a shoe on the bigger foot has a limit. Get differently sized shoes if your feet are over 1 1/2 size different.

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