Living In Tiny Home Places

Travel friendly

The trend of tiny home places to live in started in the late 1980s in the United States of America. Besides being extremely functional, eco-responsible, and economical, such spaces often fill people with a warm and pleasant feeling of fulfillment.

What are tiny home places?

It can be said that tiny homes are just going back to their origins. In the past, houses were mostly small and durable enough to provide shelter from heat and cold. People in those days were more efficient and productive and concerned less about the material means of life.

Currently, these tiny homes are back in fashion. The trend of “bigger the better” is eventually getting replaced by “living with less”. This is to secure a more simplified and sustainable living.

These tiny home places to live in are generally within 500 sq ft. A typical tiny house is of the dimensions 8 by 20ft with a liveable space of around 120 sq ft or less.

Why choose tiny homes?

One might wonder why they choose to “live in a box” if they can afford a bigger place. Well, this choice of a minimalist lifestyle is to bring one closer to what makes them happy. Being close to family and friends, self-dependency and sufficiency, and most importantly actualizing the sense of fulfillment are the driving forces behind choosing tiny home places to live.

Other reasons for choosing these places are

• Helps save a huge amount of money

• Energy efficient

• Environmentally sustainable

• Easier to maintain

• It makes people more self-aware about their needs and luxuries

What are the benefits of tiny home places?

Living in small spaces has its perks. From saving money to coming closer to nature, here are few benefits of dwelling in tiny houses:

• Save Money

Not having the burden to count a lifelong home loan might be one of the best things that can happen to anyone. It helps people save a big fortune. Smaller the house, the lesser the amenities required, therefore, one gets more aware of their needs and spends only as much required.

• Travel friendly

One of the biggest perks of tiny house living is that one can travel as much as they want, and sometimes, even with their house. House on wheels is the new trend to help people achieve their wanderlust.

• Energy efficient

A small place is easier to cool during summers and heat during winters. It consumes a lot less energy. One can even go solar anytime they want. Therefore, tiny homes promote lesser carbon footprints.

• Environmentally sustainable

With a simplified living situation, there is less wastage of space, food, energy, and water. It prevents people from tainting the environment. Tiny homes might even be the way to achieve Sustainable Development shortly.

• Easy to manage

Small living space is easier to clean and keep tidy. People living in tiny homes require less time and efficiency to clean and declutter their houses


Tiny home places to live are more comfortable, cozy, and productive. It helps people live a more efficient life by saving more money, promoting a better environment, and ultimately they can adapt to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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