List Of Adventure Trails In Australia

List Of Adventure Trails In Australia

Australian terrain has many suitable grounds that can entertain adventure sports like offroading and trail biking. Many adventure lovers enjoy and are trained in using trail bikes like DRZ400 Cape York and riding in uneven terrain. It would be smart to choose trail bikes or appropriate vehicles while going on trail biking. One must ensure that the trail bikes are properly toned and have the proper seating for long rides and protective gear to help prevent any accidents.

Many recreational tracks help promote recreation and tourism in Australia. Some of these tracks are spread out across Australia with different features, and people take more than two weeks to enjoy the adventure fully.

• Mereenie Loop in North Territory, Australia

The dirt road is not very long and has a National Park at one end. It is very scenic and lies between Uluru and West MacDonnell National Park. Alice springs in the Kings Grand Canyon adds onto the scenic beauty of the route.

• Mawson Trail in South Australia

This scenic route is a mountain trail passing through Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley. It is 900 km long with very challenging paths that would add to the adventure with the track’s steep sections. DRZ400 Cape York is an appropriate vehicle for the trail. The track is very well funded and maintained by the South Australian government. The Flinders Ranges add onto the track’s scenic beauty, making it not just adventurous, but also refreshing.

• Cape York in Queensland, Australia

This is yet another terrific trail for riding trail bikes due to its changing terrains including rainforests and beaches in the northern area. This trail ranges from 1050 km to 1600 km depending on the route to which one chooses to ride. The range of strange birdlife present here can add to some fun because one can engage in bird watching.

• Murray River in South Australia

Murray river offers a lengthy muddy dirt track along the Murray river with campsites on the riversides, and it is closer to locale centres that help maintain resources. The rider would require to spend at least 3-4 weeks to complete the whole course.

• Birdsville track in Queensland, Australia

This track might not pose many challenges like the others, but it is still great with its chunky roads and lengthy distance between different refreshment or supply zones.

• South Coast Australia

South Coast Australia trail is about 1500 km of the scenic beauty of the beach and the countryside. Visiting national parks in between the track acts as a break. The drier part of the year is the best time to visit when it is not too hot; the winter may be colder and windy.

• Gibb River Road in West Australia

The road lies along the coast of the Gibb River for about 930 km with side routes through the middle of Kimberleys. It is a 16-day ride with the water hole called Bindoola creek, which is a pleasant sight to the eyes.

The recreational tracks give opportunities for adventure riding and to enjoy different parts of Australia and the culture. The rugged roads are an experience that may last at least 2-3 weeks, and it would be wise to plan the trip accordingly. The rough, rugged terrains give the thrill of a lifetime, as long as one follows all the safety measures and protocols.


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