Link Building Myths That Are Failing Your SEO Efforts

Link Building Myths That Are Failing Your SEO Efforts

Achieving high rankings in the search engines is one of the most important requirements for most of the business. The higher rankings mean that more people are getting awareness about their initiative, business, or products, which will ultimately boost their sales. Link building is an important strategy that helps businesses in achieving higher rankings.

Link building is specifically more important for online businesses. The United Arab Emirates is one of those countries where online businesses have flourished significantly in the past few years. Link building has played an important role in this regard. However, few myths waste the SEO efforts of the businesses and cause them loss.

This article aims to discuss some link building myths that are failing your SEO efforts.

5 Common Link Building Myths That Are Lowering Your Rankings

Link building can boost the rankings of the websites. However, few mistakes in the search engine optimization strategies can also lower the rankings. Myths surrounding link building often play an important role in it; therefore, it is quite important to know and bust them.

The following are some common link building myths that might be lowering the rankings of your website.

1. Internal Links Are Enough

The first and most common myth about link building is that the internal links are enough for ranking. However, it is not true. Internal links do ensure proper navigation, better user experience, and on-page SEO. Still, they are not enough for higher rankings.

Creating external links, in addition to the internal links, is important to boost the referral traffic. Moreover, doing so in a natural manner makes link building more fruitful. It requires expert skill. Therefore, businesses often acquire the help of SEO Services Company in Dubai and ensure that their link building is strong enough to secure higher rankings in search engines.

2. Quantity of Links Is Important

Another commonly believed link building myth is that the quantity of links is important. The businesses think that quantity of links is the only important thing, which makes them shift their whole focus on increasing the number of links.

However, the quality of the links is equally important in making them more convincing and fruitful. It means that the content should be strong and powerful enough that even a single link boosts the rankings of the site.

3. No-Follow Links Are Useless

The websites include a variety of links. Do follow and no follow are the most common types. The do-follow links are often the ones that are deliberately adjusted in the content. On the other hand, no follow are the natural links that become part of the content without an effort.

People think that no-follow links are useless, which is nothing more than a myth. Such links play an important role in improving the content value and increasing its rankings.

4. Links from Directories Are Useless

Another common myth regarding LinkLifting is that links from directories hold no value. While in reality, this myth does not hold any value like all the other myths surrounding link building. There is no doubt that the quality of the directory matters more to boost the ranking.

So, ensure to utilize the high-quality directory links if you want to achieve higher rankings in search engines. Do not believe the myths and engage in link building in a professional manner.

5. More Emails Bring More Links

A commonly practiced myth regarding link building in this era is that more emails bring more links. However, this is not true anymore. The businesses often send emails to other sites that seem even a little bit similar to their cause or product. Through such a connection, they create links for each other, in the hope of achieving higher rankings.

However, creating natural links that are genuine and convincing is more important than doing so without any value. Therefore, having professional skills is important to make it successful. If you are facing the same issue, you can hire experts from Spiral Click a web design and SEO company in Dubai and ensure that they boost the ranking of your website utilizing professional skill and expertise.

Bust the myths of link building to ensure your success!

The modern era is one of the most knowledgeable eras in the history of humanity. They did not have enough resources in the past to confirm any source of information. However, now they have all the sources that can help them update their knowledge and utilize it for their benefit.

So, do not believe the common myths surrounding link building and loss to your lowering rankings. It is the high time that you bust any such myths and ensure to achieve higher rankings in search engines. If you are not familiar with the field and lack of professional skill and expertise is causing you loss, you can always rely on the professionals.

Remember to prioritize your success and invest in your efforts to make it a reality.


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