Key Benefits of Using Electric Fence Netting

Key Benefits of Using Electric Fence Netting

To keep your area safe and protected, fencing is required. Electrical fencing is one of the preferred fencing options as it serves various aspects that are mandatory for security. This blog will let you know more about electric fence netting and primarily its top benefits. 

Safer Option- Electrical metal fences, unlike the barbed wire and coiled wire fencing, are unlikely to cause any injury to humans or animals, as it provides an uncomfortable yet nonfatal and safe shock to invaders. It makes electrically wired fences suitable for isolated commercial sites and farmers looking to keep their cattle from roaming off. Because the influence of electrically charged fences is primarily mental, landlords would benefit from testing them. 

Multifaceted- Nearly every fence construction, from concrete walls to worked iron netting, integrated supply fencing to double mesh cable fencing, may be converted to electrified fences. It means that you can incorporate an electric fence into your system without too much trouble, work, or expense. Besides, no attackers will be capable of climbing over your current fence construction if you place an electrified fence on top of it. When you install an electrified fence beneath a security barrier, you can be confident that unauthorised people will not be able to sneak into your premises.

Budget-friendly- Electric fences are primarily used as a mental barrier, so they typically need a meagre amount of steel, making them more cost-effective than traditional steel barriers. The energiser’s electricity usage is approximately 50 W that usually is consumed by just a single electric bulb, making it incredibly cost-effective to run. You may limit the number of security officers you hire by installing an electrified fence, lowering your overall cost of operations.   

Easy To Assemble And Disassemble- Electric fence netting is not only light weighted than other protection fencing options, but along with it, it also needs minimal parts. As a result, an electrified fence needs fewer poles and could be installed quickly and simply with no need for vigorous tunnelling. T-posts and inverted stabilisers, which are necessary for the electrical fences, are relatively simple to move, construct, and dismantle as needed, making them ideal for businesses that would need to relocate frequently.  

Advanced Energy Sources – Protective electrical fencing systems include a rechargeable battery of 10 to 20 hours, ensuring that your protection is not jeopardised in the case of a power outage. Because a battery switches the entire system, it is feasible to recharge the batteries using energy from the sun, thereby lowering your long-term energy expenditures.

Notifies Accurately- Whenever an impostor attempts to cut or disconnect the electrified fence cables, circuit them with a resistor, or divide the cords with shielding objects to create spaces large enough to get through, the inverter detects it and raises a loud alert. The security officer will be notified, and the invaders will be scared away. Furthermore, you could also get warnings if anybody attempts to interfere with the charger or even if the charger’s energy is cut.

Surveillance From Any Place- The availability to track the fences is indeed one of their most essential features. You may keep track of your electrified fence in several ways. Rather than a security office, you might have a touchscreen that displays the current readings of each region as well as sirens. Electric fences could also be surveilled from a ground control station employing electrified fence technology with a map-based user interface that makes surveillance a breeze. Because of cloud network bridges, electrified wires may easily be watched from your cell phone or web application.

Now that you know how an electrified fence plays a significant role in securing your place, go ahead and get one installed. 


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