Is Italian worth learning? Of course the answer is yes!

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Whenever we have a living room conversation about our next holiday destination, one country always comes to our mind- Italy. Its beaches, Vespas, pizzas, café terraces, museums and architecture have become the go-to reasons to visit this country, but that’s not it today. Italy is no longer just a tourist hub. Italian is no longer just a tourist language. The same has travelled across the globe and presently a prominent business language. 

So Why is Italian worth learning? 

Top business houses seek people or hire competent translating companies like offshore ally that ease their business by translating legal documents/ certificates required to do business in Italy.

Italian can Enhance Your CV.

So Knowing how to speak Italian is always a point of employment consideration in your CV.

Being able to exhibit fluency in Italian at work or in interviews open up opportunities for yourself and the firm.

Italy, today is the home of several US companies that have their offices; companies like IBM, Citi bank, General Electric have set up their offices in Italy and are doing business with them.

Your Knowledge of language is a valuable asset that can lead to your highs in your organization as you bring in more business from the Italian companies.

The Brand Factor

We all are familiar with brands like Ferrari, Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Lamborghini, Nutella, Benetton. All of them are related to different sectors or industries but have one thing in common: Italian. Today Italy has emerged to be one of the top economies in the world even; a recent study by KPMG showed that “Made in Italy” is the third most recognized brand in the world after Coca Cola and Visa.

Today Italy has such an impact that people prefer to buy anything “made in Italy”, be it cars, clothes or cuisine.

Knowing Italian allows you to work in such prestigious brands known by the world and used by masses all around. 

A Language beyond borders 

Italian is also known as language of love with around 70 million first-language speakers, not just barred till Italy. Italian has spoken countries such as Malta, Libya, Somalia and Croatia, where there are a minority of Italian speaking communities. Surprisingly Italian is also the official language of Switzerland,

With its roots closely linked to other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish and French, sharing similar linguistic elegance.


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