Is Heat Press Printing Best For Your Business?

heat press machine

Green luggage for groceries and promotional luggage for specialized searches are increasingly standard. And also the planet is thanking the entire North American country for it, don’t hesitate! However, it means that the luggage that does a different thing maybe those that stand out from the gang and full-fill the most straightforward functions of promotion and stigmatization. The Heat press machine is one of all the technologies that inexperienced and promotional bag manufacturers use to induce vibrant, realistic and outstanding results: we take a look at the method and how it differs from the different common printing forms for environmental luggage.

Heat transfer writing

The most comfortable thanks to perceiving heat transfer printing is to think about iron transfers that you may have placed on your shirts while in class, the type used for scout badges and guides, sports emblems and faculty crests. Printing is done on a particular industrial thermal paper, and although it works through a standardized methodology such as household ironing, the standard is different. Industrial thermal paper, applied with a hot press (which we will make a case in a second), does not peel off, bleed the colors or fade. The luggage is used to wash and use as unprinted or screen printed merchandise.

The process involves:

* The image or brand is retouched in Photoshop to obtain the best clarity and distinction

* The image is written on thermal paper.

* The image is also cut by hand or by machine, with a small border around the edge

* It is placed in the technology of optical device of promotional abuse of bags to ensure accuracy

* Then go through a heat press, which applies many pounds of uniform pressure, steam and heat.

* The image is mixed with the fibers of the material and becomes a new bag district.

What are my options?


Unfortunately, there is no direct way of thanks to the perception of screen printing! You have to examine it. The method for printing promotional luggage screen sounds a bit from side to side. However, it is a very economical methodology due to the lower prices of materials.

* Your image is divided into its different colors: each additional color needs a replacement screen and a repetition of the method, therefore, luggage written on the three-color promotional screen is considerably more expensive than a single color.

* Each color half is written on transparent black paper

* A silkscreen with a mixed coating sensitive to UV rays is ready.

* The image is placed on the screen and the lights also come on.

* The UV-sensitive coating can harden wherever it is exposed to sunlight; however, remain liquid where it is not. Its image, written in black, prevents the emulsion from hardening

* The lights are off, and also the soft part of the screen (in the form of an image) is washed

* The promotional bag is placed underneath and the ink is pushed through the holes of the silkscreen

* The method is continuous for each different color.

The advantages of heat transfer printing

These are quite a few; however, they are compensated with a small increase in the price. However, if you are creating a sizeable promotional luggage order, the distinction is usually insignificant.

* There is no interaction between the color of the image and the background color

* The colors and the edges remain lively and well-delineated

* You will use photos in your promotional luggage: screen printing does not allow it: heat transfer, in contrast to screen printing, allows a correct copy of color gradients and shadows, thus maintaining realistic color and 3D effects.

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