How Will You Can Make the Most Of Your Garden All Year-round

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You want to be able to enjoy your garden at any time of the year, not just in the summer. To make sure that you can do this, you need to give your garden more purpose and, of course, multiple uses. For example, instead of it being a place where you sit in the summer, make it a place where you can also read out by a fire pit in the autumn time or where you take in the spring nights.

Create Useable Spaces and Areas 

Without useable spaces, your garden will be nothing more than a pretty sight to behold. Usable spaces will be a game-changer for your garden. For example, picnic areas and dining areas, where you can sit and relax with the whale family, add a whole new dimension to your garden. Equally, entertainment areas where you can sing and dance a night away are ideal. When it comes to creating these spaces and areas, you must think about how big you want them to be and how much space you have to spare. For example, do you want the size to accommodate an eight-seater dining set, or are you after some cozy pallet furniture that fits around a fire pit in a more bijou space?

Adding a Pool or Water Feature

Water is beautiful in any garden, so why not think about adding a small pool or even a water feature. A heated pool can be used in the winter months. You can set your pool off by adding glass pool fencing and or making it a natural swimming pool (instead of one that is filled with chlorine products). If you do not fancy an outdoor pool, then why not look at adding a large water feature. A fountain that recycles water or that gives local wildlife and birds a drink (all year round) will create a focal point in your garden and help to set the whole tone.

Potting New Plants and Shrubs That Give You All Year Color

Plants, shrubs, and trees that are in the ground or in pots will add depth and color to your garden, and this is what you should be aiming to do. Adding a variety of plants and shrubs that bloom throughout the year will make your garden pretty and beautiful all year round and not just in spring and summer. When you are looking at what to add, think about the soil condition you have and about the weather conditions and temperatures you get all year round. You want to be sure that when you plant new things in your garden, they take and flourish.

Designing the Space Effectively 

Simply adding or creating new areas in your garden will not work (unless you have a master plan). So, take some time out to establish what space you have to work with, and then start sketching out how much space each of your ideas will take up. Remember that you want your garden to be full, blooming rather than overly busy.


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