How to Utilize A Basic Cake Into A Delicious Dessert?

Delicious Dessert

You are a cake lover! Whether there is an occasion or not; all you want is a piece of cake to satiate your soul. We are emphasizing on the soul and not taste buds because a delicious dessert tickles the soul and not just taste buds. Till now, you have been opting for cake delivery in Hyderabad for cakes and desserts. But, if now you want to decorate your cake at home, then this is what you need to read at the moment. We have shared cake decorating tips. You can use these decorating tips on any cake, chocolate, vanilla or any other. Simple yet delicious, we would say!

Sprinklers: Bake a cake and add sprinklers over it. This is the easiest way to turn any basic cake into a delicacy. No matter the cake flavour, you can decorate it with sprinkles. You can cover the cake with icing and then add sprinkles or you can add without the frosting. Take help of cookie cutters or stencils to add sprinkles or just create random patterns and styles. The super-easy is to cover the entire cake with colourful sprinkles. Pretty isn’t it?

Edible Glitter:
 All things shiny are appealing, even cakes. Edible glitters are readily available in the market in different hues. You can sprinkle edible glitters over the cake. Make lines, hearts, or any other patterns using the tools. Choose your colours wisely. On a white background, bold colours will look good. If you are going for any other coloured background, say pink (strawberry flavour) or chocolate, add contrasting glitters. On a pink, red will look good while on chocolate, golden.

Summers are all about seasonal fruits. Why should your cakes be left behind? If you’re decorating a cake for a summer party, add lots and lots of seasonal fruits. Slice the fruits into bite-sized pieces. Then, add them to the cake directly. You can go for apples, pineapples, cherries, kiwis, strawberries. If not assorted, you can choose one fruit as well, like orange or kiwi. If you like strawberries, then add strawberries dusted with powdered sugar.

Gummy Bears: Suppose you do not feel like spending too much time on your cake decoration. Take a handful of gummy bears and add it to your cake as you like. You can use gummy bears as cake toppers as well.

Chocolate Ganache and Almonds:
 Chocolate in cake is always yummy. You can add chocolate in any of the cake flavours, and it will taste super yummy and scrummy. Pour the chocolate glaze over the cake and add almond shavings. You can slice the almonds and sprinkle over the chocolate glaze.

M&Ms or Gems are the favourite candy of the kids. Decorate the cake with it, and the kids in the house will leave the plate clean. Firstly, frost the cake with the icing of any flavour. Then, on the icing, stick M&Ms or gems in the pattern you like.

Buttercream Frosting: 
If you have piping tools at home, cover the cake in buttercream frosting as you like. Make swirls, roses, flowers, dollops, leaves, stars or any design. Cover the cake entirely. Then add cake topper over it. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Baby Girl, One; such cake toppers are easily available.

Turn your simple cake into something more delicious to the eyes and taste buds by decorating it. The ideas shared are easy-peasy and popular among cake lovers. Which idea did you like the most?


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