How To Use A Forklift Safely?

forklift hyster

Operating a forklift is not an easy task. They come with a bunch of features like overload lockout, seat belt interlocks and speed controls. These do ensure safety for the operator but you must have professional understanding and knowledge for operating it properly and safely. If you are looking for a good forklift, you can contact Triwest Forklifts for forklift hyster.

Thus, here are some tips and guidelines to follow, in order to ensure safety while using a forklift.

1. Professional Operators:

Using a forklift cannot be done by everyone. It can only be operated by people who are professional and have been trained. Trained operators are also licensed to function with the forklift.

2. Appropriate clothing gear is important:

Forklift operators must wear a proper clothing gear, which ensures safety for them. A proper gear includes high visibility jackets, hard hats and safety shoes. While buying the work gear, it is important to consider that it is not loose. It must be in good fitting. Loose gear can be wedged in the machinery. Also, it is best if you have clean and dry hands. Do not handle anything with greasy hands. It can slide your hands and cause a mishap.

3. Examination of the Forklift:

A proper and regular checkup of the forklift is important, before driving it. Keep a check on brakes, controls, steering and warning devices. Don’t forget to check the tires every now and then too. If you notice any damage or possible issues with the forklift, make sure to inform the forklift company and get it fixed as soon as possible. Do not use the equipment without getting it fixed because minor issues can also result in accidents.

4. Surroundings:

Operating a forklift is tough and you must go through the manufacturer’s guidelines before you start using it. Forklift roadways are designed specifically and it should only be operated in those certain surroundings. You must check the heights and floor loadings allowance before you operate a forklift in any area. The height of the load that you put on the forklift is also crucial to consider before operating the machinery. Lastly, remember that a forklift is not supposed to be used on bridge plates. If the bridge plate is good enough to handle the weight and load of the forklift, only then go ahead with it. However, it is considered best to avoid using it on bridge plates overall.

5. Speed:

Speed is a huge safety concern. It is important to keep the speed limit in mind and never cross it. Always take turns slowly to avoid any mishaps of tipping. If you are changing the direction, do it very gradually. Never try to turn and change directions at a fast speed as it can cause an accident.

6. Hazards:

Avoiding hazards is the driver’s or operator’s responsibility. If the ground surface is uneven or has a lot of bumps, avoid that pathway by all means. Don’t try to operate a forklift on slippery surfaces either. If you are closing in an entrance or doorway, make sure to honk and let people around you, know that you are around. They will move out of the way and this will minimize the risks of mishaps. Also, maintain a good distance from other trucks as well.

Operating a forklift is not a child’s play. An individual is trained for it first and only then, one can function it. This is a heavy piece of machinery and requires a lot of safety and understanding to work with it.


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