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Do you want to get rid of image watermark in your PDF file? Is it difficult to understand the content within the PDF due to hard images or logo’s over the PDF page? Are you aware on how to remove watermark logo from PDF document? If your answer is a NO for any among these queries, stick to this article and find methods to resolve it.

A Watermark logo is commonly used to designate the intended data within a PDF file and to display ownership of the PDF document to others. You may have seen a Logo watermark on PDF files shared over a business platform. Many government institutions also use the same technique to showcase the copyright authority of the PDF document.

It is the basic function of a watermark to deliver message to the fellow user about the data and the ownership of this file and how to manage it. Another important feature of the watermark is it prevents the inside data from being copied or modified in any digital manner.

In some situations, this logo watermark can cause disturbance to the user and he will wish to remove the watermark from PDF. With this query existing without a solution reliable, we have come up with some techniques. It will easily solve the query, “how to remove watermark Logo from PDF File?” for you. Read down the whole article to know more about the procedures.

How to Delete Watermark in PDF File?

There are multiple solutions existing in the present time. Here we will be sharing some most commonly known and used techniques for PDF logo Watermark removal. The methods in this context are listed below

• PDF Image Watermark Remover
• Adobe Acrobat

These are some usually used offline techniques to delete watermarks from the PDF file. Apart from this there are multiple online utilities that can eliminate watermark from PDF file. It can become a lengthy process if you try this process in case of a large number of PDF files. The offline techniques are being studied in depth in the upcoming section.

PDF Watermark Remover Tool

The application is easy to use and provide the function to delete any form of image watermark from the PDF file. There is facility to remove image watermark from multiple PDF files. In addition, you can eliminate all (multiple) watermarks from a single PDF page. The are many others facilities provided for easy watermark removal.

Steps to Remove Watermark Logo from PDF

Step 1: Download and Run the application.

Step 2: Click on Open PDF and select Add PDF option to insert PDF files.

Step 3: Select Browse option and choose a location to save PDFs.

Step 4: Click on Next option and hit the Start button.

This simple 4 step process will eliminate all the watermarks in the PDF and save it in a new location. Not all PDFs are normally accessible. Some contain passwords to restrict users from viewing it. So in such cases, the application is eligible to work such PDFs as well. It can easily remove watermark logo from PDF that contain a Document open password. You need to enter the password for deleting the watermark. Now we shall know about the next solution that delivers the watermark removing functionality.

How to Remove Watermark from PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Adobe Is a popular library that contains multiple applications to work with the PDF files. The Acrobat application is a known application in Adobe that deals with the PDF. All forms of PDF modification can be performed with the Acrobat application. This utility has the function to remove watermark logo from PDF file and you can perform it using the following process below.

Step to Erase Watermark in PDF using Adobe Reader

1. Install and run Adobe Acrobat application.
2. Go to Edit PDF option from the Tools menu.
3. Choose the Watermark option and select the Remove option.
4. Click on Add Files and insert the PDF files.
5. In Output options, select Naming convention to save the PDF at a new location.
6. Click on OK to remove watermark logo from PDFs.

This will delete the watermark from the PDF files. This application also offers to erase the watermark from protected PDF files. You need to enter the respective password for the PDF files for PDF watermark removal. These are the popular offline techniques that can solve the query, “How to remove watermark Logo from PDF file?”.

As discussed above, there are some online tools available that will make you get rid of watermark from PDF documents. This technique is only recommended to the user who wish to remove watermark from a few PDF files. The online tools perform the watermark removal process for one PDF at a time. Thus, it will take a long time and large bandwidth to process a large number of PDF files.

Process to Remove Watermark from Online Tool

1. Upload the PDF file.
2. Click on Remove Watermark option.
3. Download the PDF file.


The above article is a solution base for the query, “How to remove watermark Logo from PDF files?” There are various techniques to get rid of watermark in PDFs. You can go through each technique described and get the best solutions that completes your need.
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