How To Protect Your Phone From Hackers


Today’s smartphones come equipped with numerous features. These features do more than what computers did three decades ago. Moreover, some smartphones do more than what some laptops can do today in terms of versatile. It is something great for people who love active online lifestyles.

There is also bad news that also comes with these smartphones. That is because the hackers are targeting them to cause all the trouble they want. In the world, it is estimated to have more than 2 billion smartphones. That is a juicy target for hackers to ignore. With their dirty work, they can target your email messages, text messages, banking and shopping, Facebook, or other social media apps.

How To Protect

Operating System

Smartphones can now be used for banking or other financial transactions. That means that your phone contains lucrative information. It is, therefore, essential you protect the smartphone from hackers.

A hacker can access your Android smartphone using two main ways. First is through brute force. That means that when an attacker steals your smartphone, he will have time to brute-force the security. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult because the manufacturers are using dedicated encryption chips. They help in preventing someone from reading your data, even after connecting your phone to another device.

The other way is that cyber criminals would strike from a distance with the help of software tools. For them to succeed, they will depend on a weak link into your smartphone security chain. They will exploit your weakness and that is through the installation of malicious software.

Here are the ways you can protect your phone from the hackers:

1. Lock Your Phone

All phones come with the ability to use a password to lock it. Unfortunately, it is not everyone who will use it. To ensure your phone is safe from hackers, you should use it. You don’t just use any password, you also have to change it regularly. That is between two to six months.

You have to ensure your phone is locked the moment you’re not using it. There are some phones that come with lock patterns rather than code. That might be an easier alternative, so ensure you can also remember all the passwords.

Other phones come with facial recognition features. You can use it to unlock your phone. The camera is the one that will recognize you and unlock your phone. In addition, you can also use voice recognition. For your phone to unlock, it has to hear the unique phrase you include in your voice. And that must only be yours. That is how you can prevent hackers from accessing your phone data.

2. Update Your Operating System

When you’ve your phone, ensure that you’re using the current updates. For example, computer operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows are often updated.

The smartphone manufacturer also updates the operating system of the phones to newer versions. That helps to close-up the leaks for the hackers that they could have discovered.

In your phone, the update will come directly. Sometimes, you also have to synchronize the phone with a computer after you have downloaded the latest update from the manufacturer’s website. It is a simple way that will keep your smartphone safe from hackers.

3. Be Careful With New Apps

You should think carefully before you can download an app. If you need to avoid hacking, download the app from Google Play Store or App Store. These are stores that always verify the authenticity of all the apps they are offering.

Most people always get tricked by clicking some apps that look inviting and fun. So, you have to read the descriptions carefully before you can know what the app will get you into. For example, when an app asks you to enable it to link into other apps with your personal info, you should reject it.

Besides, you also have to avoid downloading apps through text messages. That is another way a hacker can infect your device with malicious software. You only have to accept those links that will go into a legitimate app store

4. Avoid Opening Strange Texts

You have to avoid opening strange messages from strangers. That is from odd or unknown numbers. In case you have to open the message, then don’t click into any links provided there. With that, a hacker can empty his payload with a malware or virus. It will enable him to steal your data.

If you get texts that you don’t recognize, get the habit of deleting them. Besides, remember that you should not download the apps that come from the text messages.

5. Be Careful With Free Wi-Fi

You should also worry about the wireless networks. In case you’ll switch from the carrier’s internet service to use Wi-Fi connection, you’re putting your data for others to see.

There are many networks that you might think are “secured” from hackers but they are not. If you will switch to any Wi-Fi connection, then you have to ensure you’re using a public connection that is owned by a business.

The hackers like the crowded areas and open their free wireless “hotspots” with a realistic sounding name. After you have connected, they have the right equipment in their possession to steal your private data.

The Final Thoughts

Most phones come with convenient features that possess to potential security risks. These features allows you to skip your pin input or biometrics after your phone has connected for example, to specific Bluetooth devices. If someone will get his or her hands on your device, they can use the Bluetooth and do all damages unaware. The best thing is to use such features of your device when at home. That will help you prevent your phone from hacking. Also, keep locking your phone to prevent hackers from accessing your details.

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