How to Organize Your Work, Home and Relationships

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Being organized gives us a sense of control and reduces anxiety. This is perhaps why most people prefer the rigidity of routine rather than the chaos of creativity—they are happier with habits. Being organized helps manage our primal, fight-or-flight instincts and allows us to confidently face the unknown. Organizing isn’t a talent you’re born with, rather it’s a skill you can master with persistence and effort. Here’s how you can organize all aspects of your life:

Organizing Your Work

Staying organized at work depends a lot on staying mentally alert and active. That is why scientists cannot stress enough the importance of adequate sleep. We need at least seven to eight hours of sleep to reenergize the mind and stay focused at work. Another habit that hurts productivity is multitasking. Contrary to popular opinion, doing multiple things simultaneously does not make us productive—it slows us down, affects judgment, and even releases the stress hormone cortisol. Create a list of long-term and daily goals to identify things that need to be accomplished and prioritize them accordingly.

Organizing Home:

Mess and clutter in and around the home makes people anxious. Disorganized people are often always looking for things or chasing one deadline after another. To avoid this, first organize your home with custom closets and other home storage solutions. When you store things properly and give all your things a home, little time is wasted finding them. Being organized also helps when you’re trying to maximize space and use things effectively. Another habit that organized people swear by is decluttering. This is because things do not stay organized on their own—you have to declutter continuously. Review spaces regularly to keep things you need and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Of course, you could rent a self-storage space, but why pay rent to store things that are just going to collect dust. For things you rarely use but may need, invest in garage storage closetsBut most important of all, only buy things you need. A recent survey found that Americans spend close to $5400 every year on things they do not need.

Organizing Your Relationships

:Humans are a lot more prosperous than they were a few centuries ago, yet we’re now unhappier than ever. A large part of the blame may be due to our inability to organize our social lives. The problem is we’re so busy pleasing people that we fail to focus on those who matter to us most. Prioritize the people you love the most as well as those who are important to you, but do not feel guilty about cutting toxic people out of your life. Another mistake people make in relationships is that they hold on too long without realizing that most relationships have an expiration date.

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