How to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxe and Expensive

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxe and Expensive

Bathrooms ought to be one of the cleanest and most attractive parts of the house. If you have a sophisticated-looking bathroom, you will feel more confident having guests use it to relieve themselves because you are sure that they will like it too. However, it is not easy to achieve the flawless look of a bathroom that can be seen in lifestyle magazines and TV shows.

This is where online bathroom supplies enter the picture. Even though we cannot go outside to buy the fixtures and additions that we need to make our bathroom look like a suite hotel’s, we can buy whatever we need online. Then again, we might be overwhelmed with the stunning array of choices we have online.

This article will help you make your bathroom look like you spent a thousand bucks making it look gorgeous.

Use wallpaper to conceal flaws

One of the most common way to make your bathroom look expensive is to use the right wallpaper for the job. You can use wallpaper to hide any flaws or imperfections that your bathroom might have—whether it is the poor natural lighting (or lack thereof) or you have some outdated fixtures that you cannot easily replace. In addition, using bold wallpaper will immediately distract you and your guests from noticing other flaws your bathroom has because they will be greeted by the vivid graphics.

Use trays for your counter products

Trays elevate your counter products, such as hand soaps, hair ties, dental flosses, and other small items, both literally and figuratively. Trays allow you to organize the products without making your counter look like a mess. Even for just a few inches, it also adds elevation, preventing your soaps and bottles from tumbling down the sink. It also makes your bathroom more photogenic.

Put your towels on full display

There are many ways to exhibit your precious towels in the bathroom as they also add to the overall décor. You can search through online bathroom supplies sites to see how they photographed the towels, and you can imitate it in your own bathroom.

Incorporate white marble in your bathroom

You can replace your tiles with marble flooring for the complete luxe bathroom effect if you have the budget. Anything marble will elevate your bathroom design aesthetic up several notches. If you can splurge more, add a marble bathtub to the mix. This is more than enough to make your bathroom look like one from a seven-star hotel in Paris.

There are a lot of hardware stores offering affordable marble pieces that you can easily incorporate into your bathroom, so if ever you cannot afford to overhaul your bathroom into a marble fantasy, at least a marble countertop would do the trick.

Add reed diffusers and other aromatherapy essentials

Looking like being worth a million dollars is one thing but smelling like a million dollars is another. So adding scents that will make your bathroom feel expensive will also help you relax when you use it yourself. 

Many reed diffusers will match your bathroom design aesthetic and fragrance oils that will take you to many places while seated in your toilet bowl. Use the power of aromatherapy to soothe and calm you as you spend your time in the bathroom.


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