How to Make Sure Your First Couple’s Vacation Goes Well

How to Make Sure Your First Couple’s Vacation Goes Well

Going on your first vacation as a couple can be incredibly daunting, and you may feel nervous that this trip could make or break your relationship. As such, if that is the case, here are some top tips to make sure that your first couple’s vacation goes well and that it does not end in disaster for you as a couple.

Enjoy Your Sex Life

Instead of going through the motions and simply spending a lot of time in the bedroom because you feel as if you have to, you should instead try to enjoy your time together as much as possible and spice it up a bit. You can do this by investing in sex toys from companies like My Amazing Fantasy, which can help to get both you and your partner excited about the possibilities of the bedroom again. This will then ensure that your couple’s vacation is thrilling, no matter what your accommodation or destination is like.


Often, arguments can start on vacation because you are both stressed about elements of your trip, such as packing and catching a flight. As such, you should try to make your trip contain as little stress as possible by planning everything far in advance, double-checking that you have everything that you need, and getting to the airport far in advance of your flight time. You should also try to enjoy relaxing activities like lounging by the pool rather than stuffing your itinerary full of activities that will make you both tired and irritable. You should also try to prevent sickness by taking a first aid kit, avoiding food from unreliable sources, and using insect spray and sunscreen.

Spend Time Alone

Although you may be traveling to spend quality time together, you should also try to spend a little time by yourselves each day, especially if you can feel the tension begin to rise between you. Doing this can ensure that you do not get in each other’s hair and that you do not start to feel claustrophobic at all or start to argue with each other when you are away. As such, you should consider reading a book or swimming in the pool without the other’s company even more when you do decide to join back up.

Plan Together

Although you might have planned in minute detail how you want your trip to go, you should make sure that this plan includes the activities that your partner wants to do, rather than those that you think they want to do or that you want to do yourself. This will then ensure that you will be able to enjoy a vacation that suits both of you and that you each get to tick off the biggest items on your bucket list before you go home. You should then try and find time to sit down beforehand and ensure that you can fit in each of your top activities.

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