How to Make Hunting Clothes Fashion-Forward

How to Make Hunting Clothes Fashion-Forward

As a sport and pastime, Hunting has played a significant role in driving and transforming men’s practical clothing and fashion for decades. From tweed jackets to camo pants, a substantial chunk of the classic male wardrobe has been heavily influenced by the sport of hunting. Now, hunting clothes are gaining more and more traction in women’s fashion, too. The influence has made so much impact that tweed was all over the Paris AW22 Runway Show.

Nowadays, even the most seasoned hunters are no longer venturing into the woods in tweed suits or red, long-tailed jackets. Yes, big plaids, tweeds, and classic fabrics like denim, silk, and wool are still a big part of the modern hunting culture, but stylish patterns, prints, and styles have also made their way into the fields.

These brands and their designers have transformed hunting clothes into some of the most sought-after fashion pieces.

– Wool Cruiser Jackets

If there’s one thing that avid motorcycle riders and recreational hunters seem to agree on, it’s that cruiser jackets are hella cool. Riders often prefer leather, but wool is hunters’ fabric of choice. It’s great at thermal regulation, helping keep you warm and toasty in even the wintriest conditions.

Wool cruiser jackets have been popular for more than a century, so the evergreen design must have a good thing going for it. Brands like Filson, Woolrich, and Oliver Spencer have stayed true to this super-comfy and reliable design, producing some of the most fashionable wool cruiser jackets you can get your hands on.

The best news about wool cruiser jackets is that the fabric can hold up to 30 percent its weight in moisture without feeling clammy or wet. It also remains relatively warm when damp, keeping you safe from the cold out there.

When you’re not hunting, you can rock your cruiser jacket with your favorite pair of black or blue jeans. Introduce a pair of burgundy leather Chelsea boots, a black short-sleeve shirt, and a black watch to add more class and sophistication to this casual ensemble.

– Camo Pants

Camo is the official print of the world of hunting. It’s one of the most fashion-forward prints right now, both in men’s and women’s fashion arenas. The beauty of camo is that it’s stylish yet practical and hunting-ready.

Today, you can score a high-quality pair of camo pants that combine both style and functional advantage. Some options are more rugged and manly, sporting outdoor-friendly designs and more pocket storage than traditional pants. Yet, as noted by Sanctuary, there are more fashion-focused camo pants that emphasize comfort and come in a variety of styles. These include hiker pants, joggers, high-rise pants, and cross-country pull-on pants.

Either way, camo options available today differ greatly in terms of patterns, just as traditional pants do. That means you can also find a perfect pair for your style and hunting mission ahead. And, best of all, camo pants are versatile, meaning you can rock them to a Saturday brunch, go for an afternoon hunting expedition, and still look stunning in them on a dinner date.

You really can’t go wrong when styling camo pants. If you want to show off your casual sartorial expertise, you can pair your camo pants with a black tank top. Add black suede sandals to the outfit for an unforgettable weekend.

– Active + Field Shirts

Active + Field fashionable shirts are currently available for both men and women. There are a handful of boutique brands that churn out some of the chicest field shirts for women, with a modern design that marries traditional aesthetic and next-generation fabric tech. These pieces use technologies like stretch shirting, adding two-way or four-way stretch to the shirt, in addition to moisture-wicking properties.

They usually sport reinforced elbows and shoulders and a venting feature for added support and breathability in the field. There are a myriad of amazing fashion-forward colors and patterns to choose from, including vintage camo for an old-school charm and blaze orange. Get one with an athletic darting at the back waist for a flattering yet snug fit.

Active + field shirts can also be worn outside of hunting settings. Combine khaki chinos and a long-sleeve field shirt for a laid-back outfit – the two items marry perfectly well. A field or jean jacket and a pair of casual leather boots are some pieces you can use to breathe more flair and style into your otherwise dressed-down ensemble.

– Rugged Canvas Vests

In the last few decades, some boutique brands have truly staked their claim in the fashion world, especially when it comes to hunting accessories like gaiters, vests, and socks. We personally love what these brands have done to rugged canvas vests. They certainly bring a classic look and feel that works no matter what you throw at them.

The flattering cuts and quilted canvas of these pieces make them more fashionable than functional. Get it? Hunting canvas vests are warm, soft on the skin, and comfortable, which makes them great for layering your winter outfits. They’re easy to pull off, too, both in and out of the field – just put on a blaze orange jacket, and you’re ready for the hunt!

– Stormy Kromer Rancher Cap

Stormy Kromer is an apparel brand that has gone above and beyond to make hunting clothing fashion-forward. Its line of rancher caps has been around for more than a century. The rancher caps provide coverage for various fashion and functional needs during the wintry months – and hunters and fashionistas have noticed.

The latest models bring a utilitarian ear flap to the classic silhouette. If you want to hit the hunting field, be sure to opt for the blaze orange option. But why stick to just one rancher cap. You’ll get to choose these gems from a variety of cool patterns and colors.

– Wool Checkerboard Shirts

Flannel shirts are a must-have in your wardrobe if you’re into hunting or chic-hunter fashion styles. Most hunters go for wool checkerboard flannels because they’re usually machine washable, warm, and stay fairly dry in the wettest covers—and being able to toss your high-quality hunting shirt in the washer can make your life so much easier.

Most of these checkerboard shirts are woven from 100% virgin merino wool. And that pure wool flannel delivers optimal moisture control and all the warmth and comfort of the natural fiber. They’re also great-looking, long-lasting, and super-breathable, so you cannot go wrong with this choice.

The real fashion flares go off when it comes to styling these shirts. If you’re a woman who loves putting together cool and relaxed outfits, consider teaming your wool checkerboard shirt with a pair of black leather skinny jeans — the two pieces go great together. Wear a pair of gold leather oxfords to instantly dial up your outfit.

For a man, the checkerboard flannel goes perfectly well together with pretty much any pants style, including cargo pants, chinos, print jeans, sports shorts, khakis, and even ripped jeans. A typical combo for an off-duty look is that of beige cargo pants and a classic wool checkerboard flannel. Consider low-top sneakers for footwear.


Hunting clothes don’t have to make you feel like you’re heading to the woods to bag some pheasant or an eight-point buck. You can spice up your wardrobe with fashion-forward hunting clothing and gear, such as rugged canvas vests, cargo pants, wool checkerboard shirts, wool cruiser jackets, or rancher caps in your favorite colors and patterns.


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