How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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During the height of the allergy season, closing your doors and windows will help you avoid contact with outdoor allergens, like dust and pollen. However, that will also limit the amount of fresh air that enters your home. Luckily, there are some good ways you can improve your indoor air quality.

Here are some strategies you can use to maintain fresh, clean air inside your home:

Keep your home neat and clean.

Make it part of your spring cleaning activities to allergy-proof your home room-by-room. Do not forget to deep clean your carpets and rugs, which are common breeding grounds of dust mites. The Mayo Clinic also recommends washing or cleaning beddings, window treatments, and furnishings regularly to avoid dust from collecting on them. If you have pets at house, make sure you bathe them at least once a week to decrease the quantity of allergen in the dander they shed.

Grow air-purifying indoor plants.

Another natural, effective way to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside the home is growing air-purifying plants. According to a study by NASA,  there are plant species that are capable of removing high concentrations of indoor air pollutants. The American space agency released a list of house plants that have air-purifying superpowers, which include peace lily, snake plant, bamboo palm, Boston fern, spider plant, etc. NASA says you can benefit the most if you place at least one plant per 100 square feet of your home.

Upgrade your air conditioning system.

When all doors and windows to your home are closed, you rely on your air conditioner for cool, fresh air. Air conditioners do not just cool your home during hot weather. It also traps allergens in the air as it enters your home. For optimal filtering, upgrade your AC to operate with HEPA filtration. According to the USA Environmental Protection Agency, HEPA filters or high-efficiency particulate air [filter] can remove at least 99.97% of harmful pollutants in the air.

For all your AC repair needs at home, make sure to hire only trustworthy professionals in your local area. Letting the pros service your AC system will reduce the risk of breakdowns during the cooling season. Get free consultations and estimates when you talk to a licensed contractor today!

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