How to Get People to Visit Your Trade Show Booth

fabric trade show display

The success of any trade show campaign largely depends on three metrics: the number of sales generated, the number of validated prospects, and the media interest generated by your brand. To achieve any or all of these, it’s important to attract visitors to your booth. If you’re an amateur and don’t know much about trade show campaigns, here’s how to do it efficiently:

• A Perfect Trade Show Campaign Requires Months of Preparation:
Trade show pros know that exhibiting at an event isn’t only about putting up trade show banners. First and foremost, you need to create a theme for the show, i.e., a strategy that’s aligned with your marketing goals. The next step involves designing a booth that makes maximum use of space and look for relevant trade show displays that align with the design. You will have to market your event on appropriate platforms, including social media sites and print media to spread the word about the event. The idea is to get people excited about what you’re likely to offer.

• Use Good Quality Trade Show Displays:

Create an inviting space within the booth that not only enhances your branding effort, but also grabs the visitor’s attention. For example, a hanging fabric trade show display can be hung up high to help people locate your booth from a distance. A branded counter or kiosk can be used to welcome people to the booth or display literature about the product, or even fill paperwork. You could also customize exhibit stands to be best suited for your needs and brand image.

• Give Away Gifts:

You could play a simple game or get them to do a simple task and then give away a branded promotional item as a prize. The task could be something as simple as signing up for your newsletter or commenting on their Twitter page with your hashtag. Sometimes, it needn’t be a gift; it could be something simple that everyone needs. For example, a custom-branded water bottle, a pen, cookies, or even candies.

• Let Products Take Center Stage:

People are more inclined to buy a product when they try it or see a demonstration. Encourage attendees to see how a product works. But if you’re selling a service or an intangible product, create a how-to video and display it on an iPad using iPad stands.

• Get the Right Staff:

Your trade show campaign success largely depends on a well-trained staff. Pick a team that has the right balance of experience, talent, and interpersonal skills. Train them well and assign everyone a responsibility that matches with their personality. For example, if someone in the team is an extrovert and has excellent interpersonal skills, they could be assigned for lead generation. And if someone’s good at public speaking, get them to describe the product.

What’s your strategy to get attendees to visit your trade show booth? Share your stories with us!


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