How to Furnish a Large House with Easy Decorating Tips

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Furniture shopping is surely fun until no more space is left for that tall, white cupboard. It goes without saying that most of us would only consider two things when purchasing new furniture: price and design. While these factors are quite important, price and design should not be the only pair of things we care about because size matters, too!

Just when you thought small houses are hard to decorate, a large empty room to fill up is actually more challenging and risky. So it’s best to consider investing in metal garage storage shelves to store more products and maximize the space in the garage and you’ve traded your tiny apartment for a larger house and now you’re passionately up for a total mansion makeover. And as luck would have it, today’s article will give you a few tips on how to furnish a generous home to make every room feel balanced and comfortable.  

Make the most of your available space

You’ve lived for so long without under-the-stairs storage but now there’s literally so much room for your decorating skills. But how do you really make the best of a large space? Our advice is to seek help from reputable designers and project home builders but if you think you have an eye (and the skills) for this, you can actually decorate it yourself.

Now, the first approach is learning to designate different zones in one room. Let’s say a living room, for example, may not just focus on the conversation area alone. A large, empty room can function so much more than just a huge L-shaped sitting area so try to add a few more sections creatively. Consider a media space and game tables for entertainment or perhaps a reading/writing nook for some leisure activity to start the day right.

Make use of your available rooms by turning them into functional facilities. It could be a playroom, a library, or a home office.

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Maximise the use of empty walls

A wide, empty wall with a tall ceiling can be awkward to look at. Instead of leaving them dull and lifeless, try to add some attraction by hanging painting in series, a chic modern wall clock, wall-mounted cabinets, or anything that can draw the eyes up. Another way to treat high walls and tall ceilings is by painting two-tones to trick into thinking that ceilings are lower than they are. Also, consider tall potted plants and other interesting pieces of furniture to avoid being dwarfed by elevated ceilings.        

Keep things moving

You won’t always know what works if you don’t try flipping these furnishings around. You may have envisioned a drum tall lampshade at the corner of the room but flipping an item could provide a better flow of the room. It could be somewhere else ‒ between parallel window panes or in place of the side tables ‒ you like. Don’t be afraid to keep things moving because there’s no “touch-move rule” when it comes to decorating your own space. 

Furnish creative lighting

An extensive space with tall ceilings makes the best opportunity to rock your home with flashy lighting fixtures. While a grand centrepiece can make a big difference to your room, you will likely want to add more lamps for your side tables and entryway cabinets in order to bring lighting all around the room. Take note that furnishing too many lamps may look a little awkward, though, so try to choose two to three lamps in a larger scale with similar shades and then try to mix them up with glass lamps to avoid lamp overload.

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