How to Download G Suite Emails to Local Computer

Local Computer

Want to make sure you have a copy of all the G Suite messages with you? Maybe for migration to a different email service. Or maybe for the sake of having a backup in difficult times. Whatever the case, find out here how to download G Suite emails in bulk – Download the emails by labels or simply create an archive of all the email messages in your G Suite account.

How to Download G Suite Emails in Bulk

Download only One Email:

  • Log in to your G Suite email account.
  • Open the message you want to download from G Suite.
  • Select the 3-dot menu button (:) and choose Download message option.
  • The browser will save the email in EML format.

Download All G Suite Emails At Once (For One Account)

To download a complete G Suite archive of all emails of one account, Google Takeout is the best way.

  • Log in to your business Gmail account and click the avatar on the top right corner.
  • Choose Manage your Google Account.
  • Now, select Data & Personalization category.
  • Go to Download, delete or make plan for your data and select the Download your data option.
  • Click Deselect ALL and then check Mail option.
G Suite
  • Click Next step.
  • Choose .zip format as the compress format to download emails from G Suite.
  • In the delivery option, set Send download link via email address.
  • Choose the frequency and file size as per requirement, then click Create Export button.
  • It will take some days to get the download link via email message. When you get it, open the email and download the G Suite archive file on your computer.

Alert: There is a limit to the number of times you can download through the link. SO make confident, you have a stable connection to limit unnecessary retries. Also, in large mailbox cases, sometimes Google sends an ‘Unable to create archive’ mail, so look for other options in that case.

Download Emails from G Suite (Multiple Accounts)

If you want to create archives of all the email accounts that reside in a G Suite domain, choose one of the following:

Method 1

Alert: There are certain prerequisites that needs to be followed such as 2-step verification, super-admin credentials, age of the account being 30 days or more. Also, there is no custom options to choose the category of data (emails, contacts, etc), let alone apply filters or choose export format.

  • Login with G Suite admin credentials.
  • Go to the Admin Console and click the ‘<’ button.
  • Now, hit Tools and click the Data Export option.
  • Finally, click on Start button.
  • A few days will pass by before you receive an email notifying the processed G Suite accounts along with the download link.
  • Open the mail and download all the G Suite account archives one by one.
G Suite

Method 2:

Alert: This method makes use of a professional tool to download G Suite emails to local computer. It can export from single user account as well as multiple user accounts. It also allows choosing the data category such as emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. You can also choose file formats: PST, MBOX, MSG and EML.

  • Launch SysTools G Suite Backup Tool and click Backup button.
  • Choose between the Single Account and Domain Account option.
  • Enter and validate your credentials. If you chose Domain account, you will need to input CSV file that contains the multiple user account.
  • Choose the format to download G Suite emails: PST, MBOX, EML, MSG.
  • Choose the category of data to save to local system: Emails, contacts, calendars, documents.
  • Set the destination location to download the files and click Start button.
Local Computer

Wrapping Up

This is all about downloading emails from G suite and storing them on the local computer. The downloaded data can be migrated over to other email service or be kept as a backup. Downloading a single email is very easy to do, while it requires ample amount of time to save G Suite emails in bulk. However, for downloading all G Suite account emails collectively, it is recommended to opt for professional solution. This tool is not only fast, but also safe and easy to handle.

Some Faqs:

In what format is the G Suite emails downloaded in?

With the Google Takeout option, the files are downloaded as per the set option i.e., zip or tgz. However the underlying emails are stored in the default MBOX format. Same goes with the Data Export option of G Suite.

With the professional tool, it is possible to choose an option as per requirement such as PST, EML, MBOX and MSG.

Can I keep labels after downloading or Can i download emails of labels from G Suite?

Yes, you can do so. In google Takeout, while ensuring that Mail option i selected, choose All Mail >> Select Labels.

Which among the explained methods is the recommended way to download G Suite emails?

While users can choose the method at their own discretion, the recommended way is to opt for the G Suite backup tool. It is convenient in many ways and offers a loss-free backup of multiple email accounts at once.

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