How to Delete Watermark from PDF Using Adobe Reader? 2020 Updates

remove watermark from PDF

In the article here, we will show you some extra simple techniques to eliminate the watermarks from a document. It is so easy to extract the watermark from a Pdf file page, if it is done using the right application. So, follow the below article and know how to delete watermark from PDF using Adobe reader and other easy methods like

What Does a Watermark Do in a PDF?

Watermark in a PDF protects the content within from any form of digital alteration. Do you believe that your data is safe if it is PDF format? No! The actual status is not. Thus there are various techniques implemented on the PDF to secure it. PDF Watermarking is one such method. Still, we search for a process to remove it. Do you feel it necessary to erase the watermark from a PDF permanently?

Now you might be a bit confused with your decision of watermark removal. Don’t get confused. I will explain it to you. There are situations as you have one where it becomes a necessity to remove watermark from PDF. This might make it easy for us to retrieve the data below the watermark.

An example for this would be: I am writing a research paper on Ad hoc Wireless Networks. At the end, some references were having a watermark on it. It was being difficult to read the content due to the watermark imposed on it. What do I do to get the data?

From this example, you can easily understand how important it could be to delete the watermark from a PDF file. So now we can go to the solution to save our PDFs and get it rid of the watermark. In the coming section, we will get to some of the mostly used and some efficient techniques for PDF Watermark removal.

How to Delete Watermark from Adobe PDF File?

One simple method imposed on the PDF user for watermark removal process is the use of Acrobat application. Is it really the only and efficient method possible offline. No! This year we have new applications that are introduce for the new form of PDF Watermark removal. We will be discussing each one in the below division.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

From the name Adobe, it is clear that the application is the foremost used application to work on the PDF file. But in the new era, there are other tools that offer and some too better performance than Acrobat application. This application is one lead option to add and remove watermarks from the PDF format. In addition, there are two formats of Watermark seen on a PDF: text and image. The application is efficient enough to delete these watermark from the PDF file.

Steps to Remove Watermark from PDF using Adobe Reader

  • Install and run Adobe Acrobat DC application.
  • Go to Edit PDF option from the Tools menu.
  • Choose the Watermark option and select the Remove option.
  • Click on Add Files to insert PDF for watermark removal.
  • In Output options, select destination to save PDF at a new location.
  • Click on OK to delete watermark from PDF file.

Some more on acrobat process would be that it has the facility of eliminating watermark from all versions of PDF and secured ones as well. Apart from this, you can hold on the method to get rid of watermark from multiple PDFs in a single batch process.


2. SysTools PDF Watermark Remover

This application is dedicated to erase the watermark from a PDF file. You can delete the watermark from PDF without any hassle. The facility assures complete watermark removed from the PDF file. In addition, the number of PDF file processed in a single process is limitless. Thus your data is watermark free in a very less time without any efforts taken.

Steps to Delete Watermark from PDF Document

Step 1: Download and Run the application.

Step 2: Click on Open PDF and select Add PDF option to insert PDF files.

Step 3: Select Browse option and choose a location to save PDFs.

Step 4: Click on Next option and hit the Start button.

The application is facilitated to work over the document open password protected PDF file. This means the PDF with security can be easily worked out and watermark deletion process is supported on these files.


3. PDFware PDF Watermark Eraser

This is another application designed for watermark deletion from the PDF file. The application has feature including to eliminate any for of text watermark and major formats of image watermark from a PDF file. You can easily work through the removal process and easily get rid of watermark in PDF. The facility assures watermark deletion option from secured PDF files as well.

Steps to Erase Watermark from PDF File

Step 1: Download and Run the application.

Step 2: Select Open PDF option.

Step 3: click on Add PDF option and insert PDF files.

Step 4: Select Browse option to save PDFs at a new location.

Step 5: Click on Next option and hit the Start button.


These are some offline methods that easily work for your to delete watermark from PDF files. There are several online tools as well that offer some facilities of watermark deletion from the PDF files. Using this technique for a few PDF file will help you complete your task easily. It is not recommended when the number of PDF files is large in number. It is because, the online applications work on a single PDF at a time. More the number of PDFs to process, more time and effort required.

Final Words…

In the above article, we have known some of the most reliable methods on how to delete watermark from PDF using Adobe reader. There are some feasible methods described other than the adobe reader to work it out easily. Take down the new methods for easy watermark removal from PDF in the 2020 and free PDF from watermark.

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