How To Colour Dark Hair

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Dark hair colouring is a bit of a 50-50. When you want to colour your hair but come back with a sad excuse of a color, you are stuck. This is a guide on how to successfully colour your dark hair and make it look natural. Coloured hair always uplifts spirits. You can always find the best tones from your own skin and eye colour by seeing what compliments them.


Brunette hair is always difficult to deal with because it has shades of colour in itself. You can opt for a pale-toffee tone highlights which are cleverly weaved into the hair base. It helps you get your face uplifted and also manage to look absolutely flawless with the way your hair frames your face. You can use the wella colour brilliance conditioner to maintain the colour in your hair for longer.

Brunette hair can be given a well-integrated blonde highlight which is called a ‘bronde’. The highlights make your hair a beautiful lift and make plain brunette hair be very playful. You can style it in waves and that helps it lift the colours.


Dark brown hair is a great palette to work with. It is more versatile and colour catches onto the hair better. A caramel colour through dark brown hair is a great choice because it compliments the dark brown colour. It also lightens the dark brown slightly making it seem like the light is shining off of your hair.

Chocolate hair colours are great for a brown-based hair. Chocolate highlights or even a balyage makes your hair look longer and a healthy shine is added to it.

Yup, brown hair can be given brown highlights. Light brown hair with dark brown highlights. Those work like a charm. They make your hair look bigger

An ombre of ash colour makes your hair look sleeker, more sophisticated. You can do an ombre at the bottom of your hair.

A balyage on brown hair is a great idea because most colours catch onto brown hair easily. Balyage colours are unique to every single person because they are hand-painted. You can choose a multitude colours from the same shade which you can use as a balyage. To maintain these colours you can always use the wella conditioner for coloured hair which enhances the colour of your hair and maintains the moisture.


Black hair is difficult to colour because of its dark in itself. But you can always opt for colours that pop namely blue, purple or a fiery red. You can always have hues of blue and purple interwoven in your black hair, which will give a feeling of a midnight blue under bright lights or a subtle blue when under soft lights. You can always try the peek-a-boo technique which has you coloring the insides of your hair with a bright blue, and you flick your hair or tie them up and voila someone has a glimpse of a dash of colour! You can always add a few tints of a lighter brown colour to make your hair just look bedazzled. The brown makes a stark contrast to the black and it will accentuate the angles on your face. Make it look very angular. You can always also add some soft strawberry blondes to your hair, streak it out all over your hair and when you pull it into a ponytail see the streaks pulled back and fall into a ponytail making your hair look fuller.


Red hair is rare and it’s a playground for you to experiment with. You can always enhance the red hair with a dark red transitioning to burgundy and it will require some maintenance, but it is an absolute winner. Vibrancy is achieved from this.

A colour changing red hair combination is yet another great choice to help your hair not only shine but also help it accentuate the natural red. You can have a purple to bright red transition.

Colouring hair is fun, makes you enjoy everyday and have a great outlook on life. Colour hair also adds a sense of character to your look. You can always keep the colour in your hair absolutely new looking with wella professional brand. Get your wella products on cosmetics today.


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