How to Claim Compensation After an Injury at Work?

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Some workplace hazards are impossible to always prevent, and this means that accidents at work are sometimes unavoidable.

You will want to be aware of your rights both in terms of your responsibility to continue working and also in relation to any worker’s compensation that you may be eligible for.

Know Your Rights

Practically every employer in the United States is legally required to hold an insurance policy for workers’ compensation. This means that you should usually be protected in this way at work, although this is not always the case.

Worker’s compensation laws generally mean it is quite straightforward to receive compensation for a workplace injury, and this is still often the case if fault lies with you as the employee. The exception to this rule is if you were intoxicated by alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. Injuries caused by fights between employees will also normally not be covered.

While trying to file a claim for compensation, you may find that your employer asks you to take a drug test. This is standard procedure, and you should accept this request willingly if you want to move ahead with your claim. 

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How to File a Claim

This is still true even if you do not think you have been injured in the accident. If an injury develops later, then you will have access to the original accident report. 

If you had injured in an accident on the job, then after you file an accident report, you should go and see your doctor. Your employer may suggest that you visit a doctor of their choosing, but you have the right to refuse this suggestion. 

Once you have a report from a doctor, you must share this information with your employer. If appropriate, your employer should then file the compensation claim on your behalf. 

Be sure to follow up with your employer to make sure the claim has been filed properly and request a copy of the claim for your own records. 

Consult with a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Before you take your claim to your employer, it can often be beneficial to consult with an attorney. This is simply a great way to get all of the correct advice and to ensure you completely understand the proceedings. 

If you foresee having to take time off work to heal from your injury, then you will want the peace of mind that you will be financially secure during this time. Worker’s compensation exists for this very reason, and a reputable personal injury lawyer can help to make sure that your claim is successful.

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