How to Choose the Best Quality European Oak Flooring?

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European Oak Flooring is a versatile way of flooring they are abundantly available and are mainly available in two categories: red oak and white oak. They are exceptionally durable, easy to work with and can be easily stained and they are also very compatible with both the types of finishing methods that is oil and polyurethane. However, white oak is a little denser than red oak. European oak has wavier grain pattern compared to American oak. This type of hardwood is generally obtained from France, England, and Germany.

When selecting the hardwood, one must evaluate the thickness, width, and length of the boars, color of the stain, type of finish, and the number of times the coats finish are being applied.

The few factors that should be kept in mind apart from the hardwood that is being used is the thickness, width, and length of the boards, color of the stain, type of finish and the number of times the coats finish are being applied. Another important factor before installing any oak flooring is to ascertain the flooring is sufficiently hard so as for it to last longer.


This type of flooring has a tight grain pattern. They almost have a natural stain of their own and a very minimal texture which creates a lustrous and airy floor for layering rugs. These flooring are available in a lot of colors and has a thickness of ½ “with 8 coats of Valspar urethane finish which prevents the flooring from scratches.


This type of flooring has warmer golden undertones. They are crafted with wire brushed texturing and some black fill specifications to emphasize the depth of hardwood flooring. They have a thickness of 1/2” and they require a minimum of three urethane coats.

Taupe Grey:

Taupe Grey is made of a warmer brown stain and is coated 8 times with urethane finish. This type of European oak flooring has a thickness of 3/8” and is available in lot of colors.

Oak Brushed White Oil:

As the name suggests are finished with oil coating. This type of flooring is highly preferred because of its durability and they pair well with greyer or cooler undertone colors. They have a thickness of ½” and are the most demanded type of flooring.

Advantages of Installing European Oak Flooring:

It is Modern & Stylish: This kind of flooring is really in trend these days. They are not only appealing, but they also add value to your space.

It is Hygienic & Easy to Maintain: European Oak Flooring is also extremely easy to maintain just like the other timber flooring solutions. They are hygienic because they do not nurture mites and other insects. A good clean with mop on a regular basis will be enough to keep dust away and to maintain a healthy environment at home.

It is Hardwearing: The oak tree symbolizes strength and longevity therefore they a good choice if your house has a heavy footfall.

European Oak Flooring comes with different types of finishes such as UV polyurethane finish and oil finishes so you can choose any type of finish which suits the best for you.

It Can Be Fitted Over Under Floor Heating: One of the other good things about European oak flooring is that it can be installed over an under-floor heating so that you can enjoy warmth and comfort with stylish and good-looking floors.

Option of Refinishing: With European Oak Flooring you can easily re sand and re finish your flooring with time to make it look new even after many years of usage.

Therefore, European oak flooring is the best option if you are looking for a flooring solution. European oak flooring is used also because it is eco-friendly and quite affordable.

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