How To Become A Certified HVAC Technician

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Every year, millions of Australians rely on their HVAC systems to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. When something goes wrong, or we want to have the system maintained, we call on a certified technician, but how do professionals get into this position? If you’re interested in entering this line of work, keep reading.

About the Role

According to Victorian Skills Gateway, it takes between three and four years to become an HVAC technician. Once qualified, employment prospects are strong, and the average pay is around $73,000.

As part of the job, you will install, maintain, and repair HVAC systems for those in the community. In terms of the technical aspects, this could include:

● Soldering
● Brazing
● Bolting
● Riveting
● Welding
● Drilling holes
● Threading piping
● Installing mountain brackets
● Checking for leaks
● Repairing and reassembling systems

Depending on your goals, it’s possible to become a technician with an HVAC service. As you build expertise and generate experience, you might want to launch your own company, something like for the community and hire other experts. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Qualifying in Victoria

If you’re not based in Victoria, research the requirements for your state because they may differ. For Victoria, though, HVAC technicians need a Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. In addition to this, you’ll need to start your career with an apprenticeship.

Although not necessary, the following will improve your value as an HVAC technician in the coming years:

● VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education)
● Good grades in Chemistry, English, and Maths
● Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies
● Certificate IV in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems

Once you have the necessary qualifications, you have everything you need to enter the world of work in this field. This being said, all HVAC technicians need specific licenses to operate in Australia. With this in mind, all air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics in Victoria will need:

● Refrigerant Handling License from Australia
● ARC (Refrigerant Council) Restricted Electrical Worker’s License from Energy Safe Victoria

Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

In October 2020, the Australian government released the new version of this course, and it is available to all those who want to become an HVAC technician. To complete the course, you first need to find a registered training organization (RTO). Essentially, these are training providers that have a state or ASQA registration to deliver VET services. If you’re unsure, head over to the government website and find the course page. From here, you’ll have an option to search for an RTO near you.

Currently, there are no entry requirements for the qualification. On MySkills, you’ll find more information about the program. For example, the average fee is $7,250, and most people can complete it within 42 months.

What will you learn? Ultimately, the course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge required to become a competent HVAC technician. You should know how to install, test, fault find, repair, and perform other tasks on an HVAC system and refrigeration system.

According to MySkills, around 10% of participants are hired as laborers or managers while the rest are hired as trade workers. If you need financial assistance, there are incentives in place from the state, federal, and territory governments. With this in mind, you may be entitled to a subsidy to complete the course (look into your location incentives to learn more).

Although Certificate III is enough to work in the industry, you may be motivated to continue learning with the Certificate IV, Diploma, or even an Advanced Diploma.

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