How much Hiring a Scaffolding Costs?


Do most customers ask how much hiring a scaffolding cost? What is the price per meter square? And we end up telling them that understanding the concept of scaffolding is reasonably simple, but grasping the idea of costing is a little complex. Why? Because the cost of scaffolding depends on a lot of factors, one of which is the duration of scaffolding needed. This article will answer all your queries related to costing and will help you broaden your perspective about cost calculation by giving you all cost information and showing how it will be different for your different scaffolding needs. Countless factors affect the cost, making it hard to calculate without knowing the ins and outs of your requirement.

Factors influencing the cost of scaffolding

Whatever your scaffolding need is, whether it’s small home maintenance or building a home from scratch, your scaffolding will vary due to factors that affect the cost. Find out how much you would be expected to pay for getting a scaffold erected.  

1. Duration of hiring

The most critical cost variable that is obvious to any layman is the length of hiring a scaffold. Mostly scaffolding is hired from one week to two weeks depending on how long your project is, and you will be quoted price accordingly.

2. Location of your project

Location plays an integral part in influencing the cost of scaffolding. If the scaffolding is required in a city like London, then the price can rise to three times from that of a rural area. The ugly fact is, everything in London is more expensive.

3. Height of your property

Now you have to understand the concept that the higher the scaffolding structure will be, the more equipment like metal poles and wooden planks will be required. Therefore it is clear that the higher the height of scaffolding, the more it will cost.

4. More Levels, more cost

This is linked with the concept of height. If the project requirement has more levels, it will require more raw material, hence increasing the cost. If you are getting your house painted rather than fixing something, you will need more levels and walkways.

5. Some extra requirements

A typical scaffolding job has a traditional layout; however, in some cases, you run in some technical problems where special walkways need to be created to fill in the gaps. The extra equipment required for these additional requirements increases the cost.

6. Permission for Public areas

Certain projects need to be set up at a public road or a footpath, which requires permission from the local council before execution. The duration between the approval from the board and the time when scaffolding was hired will increase the cost as, in this time, the scaffolding company could have engaged its equipment in some other project. So it is best to get permission before hiring a scaffolding job.

7. Easy access lower cost

The cost of scaffolding is greatly dependent on how easily accessible your property is. If the scaffolding structure is set up quickly, you can expect your price to go down, especially if you are paying per day. If it has to be maneuvered through tight passages, then the price may go up.


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