How Does The New Government Obesity Plan Affect Your Business?

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The UK government’s Obesity Plan aims to tackle the obesity problem among people in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Borris Johnson announced to limit junk food advertising and two-for-one food offers in cafes and restaurants. Even if the government wants to tackle the obesity problem and persuade people to eat a healthy diet, businesses are not taking this new initiative well. It is being said that the economy will be affected by more than 1 billion pounds per year.

The government has identified obesity and the factors leading to it as one of the main issues behind Corona virus hospitalization and deaths in the UK.

As per a statement given by COO at the Food and Drink Federation, Tim Rycroft, new restrictions on advertising and promoting food and drink will increase prices leading to customer difficulty in fewer choices and more job losses. He further added that it is extraordinary to see the government banning promotions of food and drinks in retail at such an economic crisis.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care, two-thirds of British people are overweight and around one in every three children have to leave school for being overweight. Through this article, get into detail about different businesses opportunities from this new change:

Effect on Hospitality Business

As per the obesity paper, out-of-home eating establishments such as restaurants and cafes have twice as many calories as the shop. The UK Government wants to ensure that people know what they are consuming daily.

The hospitality businesses with over 250 employees will have to display calories on every food item, menus, and counter. Until now, this rule is for big hospitality businesses, but the government has asked small businesses to make a move to be transparent and mention nutritional information in every food item.

The government may ask smaller businesses to showcase calorie counts on a mandatory basis in the future. Business owners suggest that instead of banning HFSS foods and advertisements, it would be better for the government to invest in supporting to eat healthy food and in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

How does it affect food product owners?

In 2013, the optional nutritional traffic light system was started to be in front of food and drink based products. After seven years, the UK government will conduct a review of this system to ensure the nutritional information is understanding and assessable. Besides, the government is planning to introduce tight control on marketing and labeling for Foods High in Fat and Salt and/or Sugar (HFSS) products.

The government has banned showing food advertisements for HFSS products before 9 pm along with banning of promotion of unhealthy food online by the end of 2022. It will also enforce to reduce the level of salts and sugar with calories in food products. It also guarantees to include truthful labeling on infant food and pre-packaged alcohol. As alcohol has higher calories, then the government is planning to consult industries for publishing calories on ciders and beers.

Any relief for Shop Owners?

The government has introduced seven steps of obesity plan out of which the fourth step is to let businesses empower people to make good food choices. Shop owners are asked to remove HFSS products from their shops and the areas where people may crave for last-second caving and parents who may experience pester power. Shop owners are also being asked to stop promotions of HFSS products both online and store including three for one and buy one get one deal.

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Many food industry experts have criticized the government over its plan. The government has also been planning to support obese people in losing weight by choosing a healthy lifestyle. It was also brought to light that disabled groups might not have similar facilities as they might not have access to regular weight loss opportunities.

Consumers might have to pay higher prices on food and drink, making it worse for both customers and businesses. It is also being predicted that an average family’s monthly grocery bill will increase by 600 pounds a year.

In the Nutshell

The Obesity Plan has been introduced for a good cause, but it has some negative consequences. It might hit the economy of the UK while the increase in the price of food and beverages. This leads to the food and hospitality businesses getting affected.


The new UK government’s obesity plan aims to help obese people get back in shape by banning HFSS food products and advertisements before 9 pm. It affects hospitality businesses, food owners, and shop owners individually.


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