How Do You Choose Cycling Jerseys?

How Do You Choose Cycling Jerseys?

Cycling is Australia’s popular method of transportation. As per the National Cycling Participation survey of 2019, cycling is a common form of physical activity. Additionally, 3.43 million Australians ride a bike for recreation or transport each week. 

When compared to pre-COVID, research states that the cycling levels have increased by up to 69 per cent. So, if you are a cycling beginner or an enthusiast, you can purchase clothing like cycling jerseys in Australia. After all, it is important to have the right apparel, and a good jersey will make you feel comfortable. Furthermore, you will be able to move effortlessly. In addition to this, when you ride outside, the moisture-wicking fabric allows you to be dry. 

You can ensure that the fabric will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover, if you fall, the apparel will protect you from any injury. Besides, wearing jerseys will allow you to fit in the cycling community with confidence. Plus, you will feel fantastic and look like a professional when you ride outdoors. So, with all these advantages, you can keep reading if you want to know how to choose the ideal cycling jersey.

1. Material/Fabric

Cycling jerseys are created with synthetic fibres and designed to wick perspiration away. Additionally, their breathable design will allow you to be comfortable and cool. Meanwhile, you must always remember to select the fabric depending upon how you ride. You can look for various features including breathability, water-resistant, etc. Purchasing jerseys created with merino wool means you can stay warm. Although the merino wool jerseys might not be your first choice, it is perfect for bikers due to their wicking and odour-resistant feature.  Moreover, you can look for fabrics that can protect you immensely from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Fit

You will find different types of fit formats in a cycling jersey, and some of them that are purchasable include race fit, regular fit and comfort fit. Race fit format is aerodynamic and snug-fitting, whereas comfort fit is best for recreational riders. On the other hand, the regular fit is crucial for performance and provides a lot of comfort.

3. Sleeves

Road cycling and mountain biking jerseys include short and long sleeve jerseys. Short-sleeved jerseys will make you feel well-ventilated and are fantastic in summers. Meanwhile, mountain bikers prefer long sleeve jerseys, as they are at risk of falling and getting scratch marks on their body. Generally, during the coldest season of the year, road bikers prefer buying full-sleeved jerseys, as they provide protection against the sun’s rays and keep them warmer. What’s more, aerodynamics is not crucial with road bikers.

4. Zippers

Zippers are a vital part of the design, and high-quality zips allow you to ventilate yourself easily when you ride throughout the day. You will find cycling jerseys with a front zipper of different lengths, as half-length, quarter and full-length zippers are common. As such, unzipping slightly will keep cool because of the airflow in the upper part of the body increases.

5. Hems/Seams

Well-made jerseys comprise neat stitches to prevent rubbing against the skin but the best have a seamless and smooth finish. So, when you wear the best, you will find that the fabric is similar to that of a luxurious material enveloped in your body. Meanwhile, if the hem is not designed properly, it can lead to irritation. So, you must ensure that the jerseys have a finishing touch. As such, you can buy cycling jerseys in Australia in a myriad of colours and designs. 

6. Pockets

You require rear pockets to carry spares, essentials and nutrition bars on rides. And you can look for jerseys with deep enough pockets so that you will be able to carry your essentials securely. Meanwhile, a badly designed jersey can result in irritation and items falling out from the pockets.

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