How Can You Remove Scratches From Clear Plastic?

plastic mirror

Any type of plastic is vulnerable to scratches and it leads to wear and tear. An occasional scratch may go unnoticed, but over time it will make it look worn out. Fortunately, it’s possible to remove the blemishes with a little leg work. But it is important to use the appropriate technique otherwise it will worsen the problem. The objective is to remove scratches and restore the surface once again. Here, are some tips on how to remove scratches.

Mild abrasives

The depth of the scratch indicates how easily you can remove it. If you put a fingernail over the scratch and you can easily remove it then you can treat it with light abrasives like toothpaste or baking soda. If you don’t wish to use toothpaste, you can blend two parts of water and baking soda and apply it with a cotton cloth in a circular motion. Rinse periodically to check whether the scratch has been removed.

Sand Paper

The second method is to use sandpaper. This is the ideal way to clean deeper scratches. If these treatments don’t work that means it is a deeper scratch and will require a specialist product like Novus scratch remover.

Novus Scratch Remover works well on several plastic products and because of this, its popularity has grown tremendously. By using a few simple tips, along with this you can add life to your old plastic and make it look new. It is the best way to achieve professional results. You can use it on DVD, Motorcycle windscreen, safety shields, airplane windows, acrylic furniture, and a lot more.

How to use the scratch remover?

Clean the surface and then gently stroke it with a circular motion.

After the scratch has been removed and the surface is cleaned, you may notice that the plastic has lost its sheen. To bring back that shine you can apply a small amount of plastic compound, just enough to cover dull spot. You should repeat the process several times, but soon the plastic will gleam once again.

In the end, we would like to conclude that this product not only helps you to remove scratch but also restores the original shine to the product. So, the best way to clean and make your plastic surface shine is through Novus scratch remover. The remover does wonders and acts as a miracle. You can use it regularly as it has scratch-resistant properties. What’s more ! the product contains no abrasives or harmful chemicals.

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