How Artificial Intelligence is Leaving Manual Driving Behind

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It may sound odd but it is a reality – artificial intelligence (AI) can respond quicker than human beings. It has paved the way for the automobile industry. Autonomous cars have recently hit the headlines; spellbound people are dreaming the flood of driver less cars on the streets, abating the risk of accidents.

Although it is a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous, the dream of having self-driving cars is becoming a reality. There was a time when it was a question, but now all of us know it is.

Autonomous cars invited criticism about killing innocent people and in some of the states these accidents have accounted for temporary suspension, yet companies are heavily investing in them.

Testing is done with drivers inside the car so that the company collect enough data to allow it to move completely trusting on AI, but now companies are adding advanced AI features to make it to the top.

Autonomous trucks are delivering packages to the destination

Logistics companies are teaming up with automobile companies to deploy self-driving electric trucks to deliver the packages to the right destination. Like human beings – perhaps in a better way – these trucks are rigorously trained to assess the environment variables that, if ignored, may pose a serious threat to the security of people and other vehicles on the road. From traffic conditions to pedestrian behaviour, the ZF ProAI system can sense everything to make the right decision.

However, these trucks also carry sensors, cameras and radar that feed the data into the system. In addition to relentless accuracy and no driver fatigue, AI electric light trucks has the potential to save money in delivering packages from the central point to the destination.

Autonomous cars are enabling the disabled and the elderly to continue driving longer

While the elderly can enjoy driving a shorter distance, the disabled generally have to put out their family members or rely on drivers when they have to step out. With self-driving cars, such hassle is no longer a part of life. Now you just have to hop in the car, it will follow your command. It will take you to where you want to go.

While the car will be moving on the road, you will watch a movie, listen to music and work on your laptop without being worried about safety. However, it will take a bit of time to become a reality. Companies are trying to integrate DRIVE PX AI platform that can handle over 300 trillion operations in a split of a second, which means the car will make accurate decisions about its surroundings.

With peripheral vision, autonomous cars are smarter than human drivers

Blind spots are mainly responsible for a number of road accidents. Autonomous cars have knowledge of pedestrians’ behaviour, objects, vehicles, signals, and other minor details of their surrounding environment, making easier to assess the distance and speed to control the damage.

Such cars are equipped with Corner Cameras algorithm system that has the potential to detect objects and people in blind spots. The technology uses the light reflection to spot objects in corners and send the message to the driver less car to enhance the driving experience. However, these objects are not clearly visible to the camera.

Car parking is no longer a hassle with self-driving cars

Parking is a major concern in big cities. The concept of automated parking has evolved in recent years though it is not a novel concept. Parking problems not only waste your time, affect your productivity but also contribute to emission.

Automobile companies have developed a smart AI-based system that provides data on locations, available parking lot, and the like. Since the car keeps getting data, the AI technology helps it quickly decipher it. Now cars will not need any human support as they can park themselves without any damage and harm.

AI is the future of the automobile industry. Whether you will be in place of the Sun with complete reliance on AI, you will get to know down the road. AI has crept into every aspect of life, replacing the role of human beings. Nobody knows whether it will be the best or the worst thing to happen to the automobile industry, but the industry is leaving no stone unturned to invest in it.

Testing is still going on. Soon the companies will let you take advantage of autonomous cars. Keep eye on them if you have a dream to use a self-driving car. Even though you do not have a budget, you can rely on car finance options with direct lenders.

Artificial intelligence is taking over the role of human drivers and introducing autonomous cars. These cars are proving to be smarter than human beings.


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