Home decoration trends to look out for in 2022

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The dawn of the New Year is upon us. While bidding goodbye to the year, you can bid goodbye to the trends that have fizzled out and welcome the new trends. 2021 saw the complete transformation of home décor. The concept of form over function has passed and comfort is the new big thing. The responsibility of cleaning our own homes made us realize the importance of having easy-to-clean furniture. 

Inclusion of Rattan – The older and more traditional materials are seen making a way back. Rattan was typically seen in older homes along with bamboo. The more shapely options include lamps, mats, peg tables, and so on. The Inclusion of natural materials in our furniture has increased and everyone looks to them to add texture to the room. The sculpted rattan is a great way to add neutral as well as stunning pieces of furniture. 

Marbling on the walls – The marbling effect on a wall is a brilliant idea for an accent wall. Whether you are looking at wallpaper or painting, a marbled wall looks great against a neutral colour. It add a character to the room and can be a great option when you are looking for home painting projects. The painting of a marbling effect can look authentic and stunning when done with the right colours. Panting gives a better feel than wallpaper. 

Textured surfaces – Layers of texture add more character to the room. The trend of painted wood passed and mostly polished wood was used. Now the newer trend is to leave wood as it is and enjoy the rawness of it in its entirety. Cupboards, beams, sideboards, shelves, drawers, desks, are made of wood in their natural form or if they have been given added texture like slats, or designs that go with the other furniture in the house. With Berger paints, you can change the complete feel of your house and add regal textures too. 

Multi-purpose furniture – Multi-purpose furniture has become more popular and more people are adopting these to save space or adopt a minimalistic approach. Multi-purpose furniture is using a bookshelf as a room divider. There are a lot of other innovative ways to “divide” and “screen” spaces. 

Displaying archaeological artifacts – Creating a corner to display archaeological artifacts is the new trend. Sprinkle some pots and clay utensils and create the perfect display. The primitive and rugged beauty of these artifacts makes for an intriguing display in an otherwise modern design. It pops out in a house where very few natural textures and materials are used. 

Glossy pops – There was a time when gloss paint was exclusively used for certain parts of the house and the small pops of glossy art, artifacts, or surfaces works great in a room where the matte finish is dominating. This reflective tool not only makes the item more evident but also looks beautiful on the wall with neutral colours. 

Whether it is newer furniture trends or newer home decoration ideas, the best part about a home is that it can be whatever you want it to be because it is your safe space. You decide the feel and comfort level of your house and the best home decoration is good vibes! 

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