Helpful Tips for Moving A Piano

move a piano

When you are moving, certain items are far more complex to move than others. For example, it can be easier when you don’t need to move with your furniture. But when you have to move with an item like a piano, you need helpful tips. Pianos are compact and heavy; it may take a bit of skill to move them, even from one room to the next one. If you can’t hire Brooklyn movers, or professional movers located near you, you need to make use of these valuable tips. Here are some helpful tips for moving a piano. 

Get the Proper Equipment

The first thing you need to do before you move your piano, you need to invest in the right equipment. You can choose to either buy the equipment or rent one. Next, you need to have heavy-duty straps, which will help better secure the piano. The next thing you must have is a furniture dolly that can support the piano’s weight. The straps will also be used to secure the piano to the dolly – this is far later while on transit. 

Ask for Help

Pianos are heavy; you can’t do this job on your own, no matter how easy it looks. The next thing is that the top of the piano carries all the weight. That means that the legs can be a bit fragile – you’ll need help to move the whole thing. You had better have at least four people to help you with the move. 

Wrap the Piano

The edges of the piano need to be wrapped up if you are to move it safely. You can use either paddings or blankets to ensure you don’t destroy the edges. 

Protect the Keyboard

Lock and close the keyboard lid before you make any move. Once you have secured the top, it will prevent it from opening when moving it around. The keys are some of the fragile pieces on the piano and need to be protected while moving. 


When you are moving the piano, you need to ensure that you lift it strategically. Here are some steps you can use to raise the piano

  • First, you need to have at least two people on each end of the piano. 
  • Each of the persons involved should hold each end of the strap. 
  • Secure the piano and ensure that the legs sit flat on the dolly. 
  • Lock the casters if the piano has them. 

Secure on Transit

The piano can also be damaged on transit, and you need to ensure that you secure it while in the truck. It should be at the back of the car – next to the back wall. Here’s how to secure the piano at the back of the truck

  • The straps come in handy to secure the piano to the wall
  • The piano, while being lifted to the planks, should be off the dolly
  • Ensure the piano isn’t able to roll around 

Ways To Securely Move a Piano

It would help if you were methodical when you want to move a piano. So here are some of the tips you can use from the starting point to when you finally move the piano. 


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