Guide On How To Choose The Right Planter For Your Space

Guide On How To Choose The Right Planter For Your Space

Do you want to give a fresh and inspiring look to your place? If yes, get some beautiful plants and give your space a touch of nature’s essence. It is as simple as it seems! Growing plants is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of your home and will make your sweet home feel like a blooming garden all year round. But before you plunge into buying plants, you need to know the different types of wholesale planters available and the material they are made of.

Gone are the days when planters/pots were considered a simple space for greenery and flowers. Planters add as much character and style to your space as your furnishings, art, and other decorative items do when thoughtfully chosen. Hence, when buying planters, keep the following three things in mind.

Things to consider when choosing the planter’s material


There is no secret that particular materials can withstand more wear and tear than their counterparts. Durability is basically how well a material holds up the pressure and keeps up in appearance over time. Therefore, before you start looking at the durability of a material, it would be better to consider where the planter is to be placed. For example, if you are thinking of placing it outdoors on your balcony, garden, or terrace, you need extra durable materials. On the other hand, a less durable option will also work well indoors or in areas with less sun exposure.


Yes! The material used to craft the planter solely determines its durability. But besides durability, the material used will play a role in the appearance of the planters, textures and colour. Today you will find planters made of plastics, terracotta, glazed ceramic, metals, wood, concrete, and more. Plastic pots are lightweight and available in many different colours, whereas metal pots made of copper, galvanized zinc, and cast iron offer a contemporary look with simple, solid colours. Similarly, terracotta is a classic choice for planters for its warm orange colour and so forth. 


Just like every plant has its own care needs, planters too need attention. Each material comes with its care needs to upkeep the planter and ensure its long-lasting appearance. For example, the care needs of a metal container will be different from that of ceramic containers. Therefore, selecting the correct type of planter is crucial for style and functionality. 

How to choose the best planter for your house?

Depending on the plant you want to grow.

While choosing the planters, think about the kind of plant you will be growing in it. Suppose you are planning to grow flowers, then going for a cheap plastic pot is fine, but it would be better to grow edible plants in fibreglass. Fibreglass is the safest option health-wise and is even stronger than plastic. 

Depending on the style you want to follow.

Next comes the style or design scheme you want to follow in your space. For a contemporary look, metal planters are a good choice, whereas for a traditional look, go for wood. Therefore, while buying wholesale planters, find out which type of material will allow you to achieve the particular style. To your luck, fibreglass and plastic pots are available in an endless variety of colours, shapes and sizes, allowing you to experiment with your decor and spread the charm and delight to your surroundings all around.

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