Gogo Pdf Tools: 3 Features You Should Utilize For Your PDF Files

Protect PDF

One of the most well-grounded online tools on the internet today is Gogopdf. They have been serving different online tools for every PDF file’s necessities that you might need. The following online tools are astonishing to have, especially for an individual to use all of them in a single platform.

This article will be going through the best online tools that Gogopdf offers to the public, such as how to convert word to PDF, convert PPT to PDF online and a lot more. We will talk about why we need this kind of online tool for our PDF files and teach you how to use the following online tools with ease. Also to use sodapdf excel to convert PDF to Excel.

1. Merge PDF

The first one on our list is the online tool called Merge PDF Free. Merging PDF files has been a life saving online tool you can use to combine multiple PDF files into one. Merging your PDF files into one is a time-consuming thing to do on your own. Hence, using an online tool to help you with your work can make everything more straightforward and more convenient than before.

Merging PDF files has been an essential thing to do with your PDF files, but why do we merge our PDF files in the first place? One good answer is that when you merge your PDF files into a single PDF file, you are compiling different PDF files into a single document. This is best for compiling resumes, application letters, certificates, etc.

Another reason is to give the recipient of your PDF file a convenient experience while browsing through your PDF file. Because when you send multiple PDF files to a recipient, it could become cumbersome for them to go through every PDF file single-handedly. Therefore combining your PDF files into one can be a great asset to your PDF files.

If you don’t have any experience in merging PDF files with the help of Gogopdf, you can easily convert your PDF files into one in just four comprehensive steps in about a minute or two. Here is how you can merge your PDF files into one.

Transfer the data of your PDF file to their website.

Their online tool will begin to combine your PDF files.

You can modify and make specific changes for the final output of your PDF file.

Download your newly converted PDF file to your device storage.

2. Protect PDF

Another useful tool that you should explore from their various online tools is the function Protect PDF. One of the best things about using a PDF file is the security features you can use to protect your document’s contents. Having a secure line of the environment to work on is a great advantage to keep you confident in inputting confidential information in your PDF file.

Having to say all of that, you can make an extra effort in making your PDF file more secure than ever. The online tool Protect PDF will allow you to put an encrypted password into your PDF file so you can choose the specific people who can have access to your confidential information from your PDF file.

If, in some instance that you forgot your password, you won’t be able to have access to your PDF file. Meaning all of the progress that you made with your PDF file will be lost. It is recommended to have a copy of your password that is hidden in a safe location.

Another tip you should be doing in your encrypted PDF file has the same password for all your PDF files. 

Transfer the data of the PDF file that you want to put an encrypted password to.

You can now type in the password that you prefer.

If you are satisfied with the encrypted password, click on “Encrypt PDF.”

Download your newly encrypted PDF file into your storage.

3. Unlock PDF

If you can put an encrypted password in your PDF file, this next online tool will allow you to remove an encrypted password in your PDF file. This is best used if you want to remove your PDF file’s current password because it has become an inconvenient factor to always type in the password each time you open your PDF file.

This online tool will allow you to remove your PDF file’s encrypted password, but only if you know the current password. You can not remove a password from a PDF file if you do not own the specific PDF file or don’t have any access to the current password’s information. Keep in mind that this is mainly used to remove the password of your PDF file.

If you don’t know how to use this particular online tool, here is a piece of detailed information on how you can unlock a PDF file.

The first step in unlocking a PDF file is to transfer the specific PDF file that is encrypted to their website. This will allow Gogopdf to scan the encrypted PDF file and start converting your document.

Then type in the current password of your PDF file. Keep in mind that if you do not know the PDF file’s password, you are not allowed to remove the current password.

In the third step, if you are done typing in your PDF file’s current password, you can now click on “Unlock PDF,” and Gogopdf will start converting your PDF file.

Once everything is completed, you will be given a download option to transfer the newly converted PDF file into your preferred storage.


Having the advantage of using online tools for our PDF files is a significant edge to have in this generation where everything is online. These are some of the best online tools you should know on their platform. Check out the Gogopdf website to know the rest of the features!

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