Food Grade Transportation Is No Longer Risky

food grade transportation

When you look at the grocery store shelves you can find all types of produce neatly arranged. All produce appears fresh and can be from any part of the world. A lot of the fresh produce travels for hundreds and thousands of miles to get to your plate. These are shipped using modern vehicles. It could be flown for some distance and then trucked. The cost of the airfreight is added to the end cost that buyers pay. Intermodal modes of transportation are used as perishables are treated as time-sensitive shipments and thus have to be shipped very quickly. 

Most people do not know where their food is coming from. They are surprised to see fresh strawberries in freezing winters or chestnut and grapefruit in summers. In congested cities where living standards are high, you can see all types of fruits and veggies at the grocery store from around the globe, all thanks to the shipping companies. Some hi-end restaurants also import their ingredients from abroad.

Farming is good in California and New Mexico and several companies are distributing their produce throughout the country using trucks. About four decades back the produce was transported across the country using rail transportation. The risk of decomposition used to be high due to the climatic conditions and the time it used to take to transport it to the destination. Rails were slower and used to stop on the way thus increasing transit times.

With the advancements in technology, the trend has moved to refrigerated trucks. Soon after the new interstate highways were formed farmers started loading their produce on trucks.  The foods do not rot on the way and this prevents huge losses for suppliers. There is a large variety of refrigerated trucks and containers that can be used to haul food and beverage.

In the past, it could take a week or more to deliver a truckload of oranges from California to New York. Now the transit times have been reduced by half. Within a few days, you can expect to receive any type of shipment from any part of the country. The risk of decomposition is now zero as the trucks used by the food grade transportation companies are specially designed for the task. Tracking shipments is also easier with the computerized networks. The software allows shippers to keep an eye on the movement of their shipment 24/7.

These days, cold foods are being moved across the country without a hassle. Experienced logistics providers know how to transport the perishables in and out of the country as well. They have the license to truck your food grade shipments across the border. The trucks now have the larger gas tanks and go farther without having to stop for refueling. When you need to ship food contact a local food grade transportation company. These companies are very flexible to the needs of their clients. You can have fast pickup and delivery. All the food will be delivered in a fresh and clean state. The refrigerated trucks are kept clean and there is no risk of contamination.

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