Five Tips To Follow After Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

The problem of a decaying tooth can be treated with a root canal treatment, also called endodontics. A root canal treatment is a commonly used dental care treatment. The American Association of Endodontists suggests that each year over 15 million root canals are performed. The advancements in dental technologies have made the procedure much safer and quicker.

However, the aftercare is what requires the most attention as it ensures its success. But what the treatment is all about, and why you should understand the need for a root canal and its aftermath, is what we will discuss here in this article.

When a tooth with a deep cavity is no longer treatable, dentists often suggest Root canal treatment to avoid the risk of the infection spreading to the gums and other teeth. In the process, the nerve and the pulp of the problematic tooth are removed. After the cleaning, a special type of filling is inserted to seal the canal. The temporary filling inserted in the initial root canal treatment is meant to be replaced as soon as possible. Notice if it is giving you other problems and get it replaced at the earliest. Local Dentist Glendale CA are committed to giving the finest dental treatments possible to their clients.

Firstly, you need to consult experienced professionals to undergo safe treatment. And after your successful root canal treatment, it might take some time for your tooth to get back to normal. So to avoid any further complications and for a better recovery, you can follow the following tips.

Take proper medicines for pain management

After root canal treatment, you may feel pain and inflammation in the treated part. However, in most cases, these symptoms last only for a couple of days. And to manage the pain, dentists do recommend medicines. The pain management medicines will help you minimize the pain and speed the recovery process. You can also take anti-inflammatory drugs; they will reduce the swelling in your gums. Swelling is a common symptom, and an ice pack can help reduce it. You need to take care of your tooth and not miss any doses.

Choose your food wisely

You need to be cautious while eating as the treated area can be sensitive for some time after the treatment. Due to this sensitivity, you need to choose your food wisely. Avoid crunchy, chewy food as it may cause irritations and even displacement of temporary filling. Stay away from spicy food and also mind the temperature of the food you are eating. The food items which are too spicy or too hot or cold can cause irritation. Stick to soft food items; it will keep the discomfort to a minimum and help reduce stress on the tooth. The localized anesthesia causes numbness, and you should wait to eat before its effect wears off to avoid biting your tongue or gums. The recovery period is often different for different patients, so it is advised to be cautious.

Avoid exercise for some days

After a root canal surgery, dentists advise avoiding doing exercise till you are fully recovered because Exercising during the recovery period can cause distress and even bleeding. You can accidentally hurt yourself even more, so you need to let the body recover completely before you return to your fitness regime. Even if it’s dental surgery, you need to be careful and take it easy. Give your body the time to heal itself, and do not put unnecessary strain. For optimal recovery, it is essential that you take the rest you need. Resting and sleeping can speed up the recovery process. Take the medicines properly and monitor your recovery and consult your dentist if needed. Walking can be the best recovery exercise because it will not put pressure. After you have recovered, look for exercises that will allow you to return to the previous fitness level.

Maintain proper oral hygiene

Following proper oral hygiene is essential to ensure healthy teeth. And after a dental treatment like a root canal, it requires extra care for a proper recovery. The tooth and the gums will be sensitive for a while, and you need to be cautious. Following the instructions given by your desist will support your recovery. Not only will it speed the recovery but also prevent your teeth from future problems. Brushing your teeth twice a day and gentle flossing will help you. However, make sure you brush and floss gently because putting pressure can disturb the temporary filling and cause irritation. Adopting healthy dental habits can provide overall better oral health.

Keep in touch with your dentist

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The symptoms of pain and inflammation are common after root canal treatment. The symptoms can be dealt with, but if you notice any unusual symptoms or notable complications, contact your dentist right away. In most cases, the dentists provide specific guidelines. So follow the instructions and keep in touch with your dentist. Keeping in touch with your desist makes sense as they are familiar with your problem and can provide better solutions. The procedure and the recovery period is different for different people, so you need to follow your dentist’s instructions because they know your case. The experienced dentists like the dentist mill park that possesses technological advancements and knowledge can provide a safe root canal treatment and support your recovery process.


Proper dental care is an necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. If you discover a problem that can be dangerous, like a decaying tooth, a cavity, or an infection at base of a tooth, you need to resolve the problem at the earliest to keep your teeth healthy and intact.

In the article above, we mentioned the crucial tips to follow after a root canal treatment. Remember, root canal treatment is only the first step, but the road to proper recovery is long and involves various things you need to consider. We mentioned the most crucial steps which will benefit every individual dealing with post-treatment symptoms. One must be aware of these basics and should practice proper oral hygiene for better oral health. Visit for more details.
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