Five Proven Web Application Development Techniques Amid COVID-19


Web Applications have become an easy tool to communicate with the users, and it also provides them an opportunity to access their favourite app on the go. We live in a world that works at lightning speed because everything is delivered to us instantly. In modern-day and age, if the technology used by the apps and the solution it provides doesn’t yield any positive results, then it is a no-good state for all. We have an app for everything these days, whether it is for our viewing, shopping, and utility experience, and this list is endless, as are our needs.

No matter what you want, an app instantly comes to our mind, and in the current state where COVID-19 has taken center stage, it becomes all the more important. People are in a self-quarantine state, and the law enforcement authorities have put some guidelines in place to ensure that users don’t step out of their abode and catch the virus, which is the reason behind the pandemic. Our safety is in our hands, and we need to follow the five healthy habits suggested by World Health Organization (WHO) along with the five choices mentioned in this article to create a phenomenal app.

It is a given that no matter what app we plan on creating it should be interactive, and enhance user experience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others are a perfect example of it because they continually worked on their look and functionality, which helped them find out the bugs and remove the errors to make the experience better for the end-user. The work done by the teams for social networking and micro blogging sites has proven invaluable for everyone because we can access various details all at once at the click of a button or the movement of our fingers. The advent of technology has helped us find deeper learning and understanding of things around us in a flash. Technical applications have helped in formulation can’t be ruled out, but one would have to check on what to do and how to find out something that is worth the time at the end of the day.

The app development skills come into play at this point because when all is at the palm of your hands, you would want the perfect solution for yourselves. Real-time information can be the best way for people to stay updated about the recent happenings in the field of saving lives. The first responders deserve the applaud for working in the line of fire for our well-being.

Lets take a look at how to design an app that will provide people with information anytime, anywhere. This app development format will be invaluable in the overall solution grid. I list the ideas for your reading pleasure while I welcome your thoughts in the comments section for the readers’ kind research. So without more ado, let’s get down to it:

#1 User Interface

The user interface can serve as your friend or worst enemy because if the users don’t like the overall look of the app, then you already have a markdown. The fact that users go with the app design and the feasibility to find the options, and if they are not in sync, then nothing else matters at all.

Every user wants information instantly, and if they have to validate themselves or some other checks to find the information that is available on the internet, then the app loses its purpose. This mixed with a bad user interface is a let-down in more ways than one.

#2 JavaScript

JavaScript is the real deal here because, over the years, this programming language has taken a direct stand over others, and the fact remains that nothing matches this language. It has evolved over the years & continues to be the first language for any development platform, which makes it more important.

No matter who you deal with, there is no challenge to this language, which sets it apart from others. It is used for coding an application, a website, and other aspects too, which is a welcome sight. The language is not like HTML and has its base in the app development process.

#3 Artificial Intelligence

The world has changed, and from users picking orders or talking to users on the other end, you have AI take this aspect over. If you have ever tried using any major application, whether it be Walmart, Amazon, or others, you will see a bot come at you, which will try to answer your questions, and then direct you to an executive that will be ready to serve you.

This is the first-hand intelligence that one wants because the issue is looked up by someone beforehand, so they feel connected.

#4 Animations

It may sound funny to some, but animations can save the day for you. If you have an app that is telling about orders with animation, then it would create the right niche for you, which will be a value add. We all need the right user understanding and can’t use images or verbatim that will be a hassle for others.

#5 Connectivity

The connectivity of an app to multiple apps will serve you, and so you must ensure that your app connects with other apps seamlessly as well as others do in the same manner. If the same doesn’t become a reality, then there will be a hassle filled experience at the end of the day, which wouldn’t serve anyone.

We all know that every app needs to connect well and quick, and if the app doesn’t open up on time, then it would cause a problem for all at the end of the day. We would have to see if the app has proper connectivity or is the connectivity distorted. If the connectivity is not in place then everything else falls off as in the current time we all know that people need instant connectivity with anyone and anything around them and that is the key.


Every app has its own merits and demerits, but some choices are integral to creating an app, and if the basics are covered then everything else will be all ok at the end of the day.

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