First Aid Training In The Workplace | Importance

first aid kit

When focused on work, first aid will be the last thing on your mind. Many of us feel that first aid training isn’t relevant as the chance of an accident happening at work is minimal. However, when faced with disaster, knowing how to cope could save lives. 

If an employee had an accident in the workplace, it is a legal requirement that immediate action occurs. Therefore, emergency first aid at work training in the workplace is of the utmost importance. 

It can save lives – First Aid saving lives is a seemingly obvious yet essential point non the less. Offering first aid training to your staff gives them peace of mind. The relevant training prepares each member of staff with the skills to deal with a workplace accident. Knowledge of life-saving actions like CPR gives your employees the ability to act fast and prevent loss of life – a vital skill.  

Gives people skills to use in and out of the workplace – First aid training not only equips your staff with skills for the workplace, but it applies for accidents outside of work too. Looking at the bigger picture, providing your staff with first aid training can help the wider community stay safe. 

First aid kits get used correctly – If employees get trained in first aid, they can be responsible for the upkeep of the first aid kit. Not only will they know how to use the equipment correctly, but they can ensure it’s equipped with all the equipment necessary to keep their colleagues safe. 

Create a positive work environment – If you decide that companywide first aid training interests you, group training can be a great team-building exercise. Colleagues can work together in pairs to act out the various techniques required to save someone from harm. As a result, this brings staff closer together by boosting morale and colleague relationships. 

Reduces the number of workplace accidents – Once employees have completed first aid training, it makes them more aware of risks in the workplace. Consequently, this minimises the number of accidents in the workplace as people become more self-aware and recognise how to avoid danger. 

Cost vs value – Providing first aid training for your staff doesn’t cost much, especially compared to the value it brings to your workplace. Ensuring workplace health and safety is vital. Equipping your staff with the relevant skills to help keep each other safe is a great way to ensure employee safety and satisfaction

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