Fighting vs Coronavirus: Boosting Immunity Through Diet, Exercise, and Mood


Truth is spoken; nobody had expected a viral pandemic. Restricted to our homes for safety, we are forced to modify our lifestyle not to get infected. As healthy living becomes our topmost priority, we depend entirely on our immune system. Read the following guide to minimize the danger of diseases.

Have you ever wondered how the immune system fights viruses? Yes, without proper immunity, you almost cannot prevent COVID-19. And immunity can be strengthened by living a healthy lifestyle. Home quarantine doesn’t mean you will give up all restrictions on the body. Follow these tips to stay at the peak of your health while fighting the virus.

Make The Right Diet Choices

Malnutrition can be a significant obstacle to fighting any disease and not just coronavirus. Therefore, we advise you to have a balanced diet enriched with all the nutrients, especially the immune system increasing vitamins like Vitamin C and D. Along with proper nutrition, hydration is also necessary. Drinking adequate water amount flushes out toxins that hamper the immune system.

Expert Advice: Switch To Keto Diet

An even healthier version of a balanced diet, this immune system diet can alleviate diabetes and chronic heart diseases, which increase the risk of coronavirus infection. Keto cuts down your carbohydrate intake and supplements it with healthy fats and medium proteins. Ketosis reduces inflammation, which is the primary symptom of viral infection. Keto dieters take the best exogenous ketones to produce more immune T-cells in your body.  

Exercise to Strengthen Immune System

Research has shown that the immune system and exercise are directly proportional. Regular physical activity prevents your body from catching viral diseases like flu and common cold. The more you exert your authority, the more white blood cells circulate in the blood and fight early onset of illness. Exercise is also a stress buster and releases the happiness hormone – endorphin.

Manage Stress With Meditation


We understand that stress is a natural response to the pandemic. But, tell us, how can you fight coronavirus if you don’t feel mentally healthy? People who do yoga and meditate daily can manage emergencies better. Just 10 minutes per day of meditating can heal your body and reduce the aging of the brain. You will view the results in a month. 

Ensure That Your Body Gets Enough Rest and Sleep

We had a chuckle among ourselves when we thought how much we could sleep during the lockdown. Lack of proper sleep can suppress the immune system from functioning properly as our body does not get the time to repair itself. Moreover, the less we sleep, the more we get stressed. It is because the cortisol hormone is secreted. Therefore, also if you are working from home, take out some time for at least 30 minutes of sleep during the day.  

We genuinely hope that a vaccine for coronavirus will soon be discovered.  Till then, we will maintain social distance. For further guidance on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to comment. We are here to guide you securely through the emergency. Stay safe, and wash your hands!

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