Fabric Sofa vs Leather Sofa: Which One Should You Pick?


Whether it’s about designing a new house or redesigning the old one, people spend most of their time and money on designing their living room. This is because the living room is the heart of your house and the first room your guests visit. Moreover, you tend to spend maximum time with your family and friends in the living room. 

So, for creating a welcoming environment, you can go for a contemporary yet modern interior design for your living room as well as the entire house. The most important piece of furniture that sets the tone and interior of your living room is the sofa set! The right sofa set can take your living room’s interior design to another level while enriching the comfort of your family and friends. So, it is imperative to choose a sofa set that complements your living room’s interior and is comfortable to sit on. 

When you decide to buy a new sofa set, the first thing you’ll have to choose between would be – whether you want to buy a leather sofa set or a fabric sofa set. Here you go: 


When we talk about comfort, the fabric sofa sets are much more comfortable than leather sofa sets due to many reasons. Just like the seat of your car, leather sofa sets absorb heat much faster than fabric sofa sets. Therefore, when you sit on a leather sofa set or chair, it feels warmer after some time, making you feel uncomfortable. This is why fabric sofa sets make for a better or maybe the best choice. 


Fabric sofa sets can easily fit into any style aesthetic. However, while you choose your fabric sofa set, it is essential to choose the shape of the sofa set that would complement your living room. We would like to give a small piece of advice here – you can go for a standard sofa set shape and design as they never go off the trend. 

Even within fabric sofa sets, you can choose different combinations of frame and fabric. For example, a sofa set having a particular fabric can give a starkly modern appeal with a specific sofa frame and might give a complete traditional appeal with another sofa frame. 


As fabric sofa sets are expert concealers, they make for excellent kid-friendly furniture. If you buy a fabric sofa set from a renowned brand like Duroflex, you can rest assured about the durability of the sofa set. Moreover, mid-toned solid colors like grey, blue and brown can easily hide wear and tear and stains. Whereas, in leather sofa sets there are high chances of frequent wear and tear, especially if you have children in your family, though they might be a little easier to clean. 


Be it a leather sofa set or a fabric sofa set, its cost would vary across different brands. However, usually, a fabric sofa set would fall in a reasonable price range and enhance the appearance of your living room to an unexpected level. Even if you’re not financially prepared to invest in a new sofa set but want a living room makeover, you can avail of easier payment options like no-cost EMI from brands like Duroflex. This helps you buy the best sofa set without compromising the quality. 

Colour and Pattern Choices

Though there are different color options available in leather as well as fabric sofa sets, if you choose a fabric sofa set, you can leverage the benefit of choosing from unlimited patterns, colors, and textures. Moreover, there will certainly be a particular style and color that will match the interior design of your living room. 

Though everyone’s preferences and choices might widely vary, a fabric sofa set can never be out of someone’s preference list. Therefore, irrespective of the interior design of your house, a best-quality fabric sofa set can be a perfect choice to transform your living room into a more welcoming one. 

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